Serotonin Uptake Inhibitor


I had a very thorough review with my excellent MS Nurse this morning. I had gone prepared, with a very full list of all my issues and areas of concern, which included emotional ones. He ended up saying he wanted to try me on a medication to help with me feeling so up and down emotionally, which to be honest is mostly down and perhaps no higher than middling on a good day!

We ran out of time, but basically he wants to put me on Fluoxetine, a Serotonin Uptake Inhibitor. He explained the basic science of it - told me not to google it, which I am afraid I have done. I see it is Prozac and that MS-Smart Phase-2 trials are underway looking into its effect both for depression issues and as a possible way of slowing down SPMS, which I have.

Prozac has a scary image and knowing that is what he would like me to try rather frightens me.

There are a few old posts in this Forum on the subject, but what, please, do the people using the Forum nowadays have to say about using this drug please? Has it helped you in any way?

I really would appreciate your feedback please. He will want to know my decision at my next appointment in two months.


I have suffered depression in the past and used this drug and it has really helped. You do need to use it for a number of months to get the benefit. But it really helps you get through the tunnel :slight_smile: If in the future I ever suffered depression I would definitely take it again.

I’ve been on it in the past too. Took about 5 weeks for the effects to kick in but it helped enormously. I too wouldn’t hesitate to use it again if I needed it.

Hello, thank you for your replies folks. My MS Nurse is an ‘Advanced Nurse Practitioner’ so he probably has additional qualifications and capabilities. I have known him since I was told my MS was now SPMS, some 12 years ago and he is pretty senior in the MS Nurse world. However, despite what he says, I’d really rather not take this medication.