MS and Confusion

Hi All,

As you may be aware from my previous posts my mother is in the end stages of MS. No point explain the ins and outs but i do have a question.

Does anybody have any experience on treating confusion? We are thinking about approaching our useless GP about this and our Neurologist but would be nice to hear if any body has any suggestions.

Thank you

E x

Hi, I know many folk talk about CBT…to help with memory and thinking. Dont know if your dear mum would benefit. Google it and read what it can do, eh? If you think it may help, then talk to your mum`s GP about getting a quick referral.

luv Pollx

Hey, Thank you for your advice, unfortunately i don’t think CBT isn’t really an option for my mum but thank you anyway. Take Care xx

fluxotine or prozac has helped my wife not to be upset, she used to cry for hours, for no apparent reason ,5ml a day down the peg tube has improved her life so much, but she cant speak so I dont know what she thinks though . It seems to help her ,could be worth a try, from your doctor, Franky1.

sertraline (lustral) doses are increased when my husband becomes particularly confused or has paranoid episodes (permanantly on 100ml daily as well) …i think similar to prozac/fluxotine? Confusion and memory loss are there all the time now but levels vary from day to day. Do you have a specialist MS Nurse you could talk to…they are often more knowledgable/helpful than the GP.