Hi everybody.

Posting as a look out. I was, after the ambulance took me following over two days of weirdness, d and v to an extent I have never had before, headache where I couldn’t see and hardly stand up, various other things, frequent urinating, in hospital with what the Doctor said was a mixture of things but sepsis had made me so ill.

I am posting because I was released from a 15 hours on a Saturday night (not ideal) in hospital following treatment every twenty minutes by excellent staff and lots of medicines. Fortunately I even as an MS person keep as fit as is possible and for a 58 year old or they wouldn’t have let me go home if I was not so. Also we agreed at the beginning, no hospital stay with D and V for everyone’s sake and my embarassment. They wheeled me to the front of the massive queue on my trolley bed then followed a whole lot of stuff I never want to remember, except for the constant stream of nurses, blood people, Doctors, heart tracking, blood pressure all the time, temperature all the time and drips monitored to the minute. I had usual drip including an emetic, followed by drip, painkiller, more emetic as it hadn’t stopped anything yet and antibiotics. I am at home with penicillin that as the Doctor said, will send you home safe and kill anything on the planet. It is Monday and so far I have enjoyed soup and biscuits and watched weepy films. I definately need to go slow for several weeks now.

I get MS symptoms of all kinds every day but this was something else.

A few days before I felt very full up

Swollen knees (more than normal for no reason)

Swollen feet

Odd feelings in my toes

Tingling in all fingers at the same time when I was in bed. This one freaked me out as it happened as my normal tingling was nothing like this at all. It felt wrong.

So I am posting in the hope that no-one gets this. Mine was apparently due to very frequent urinating due to a water infection, plus something else, the D and V which could have been part of the sepsis or an effect of the infection. They had nurses and doctors attending all the time especially as my tremor got worse because I actually hadn’t been able to keep any medicine down for several days. It also meant I was on complete cold turkey from everything even painkillers.

So I am posting some of my unusual symptoms in case God forbid, anyone else gets anything like it, please look out for anything weird like this that is more severe than normal and I’m not kidding, this was very severe. I am very pleased that the 111 people, then the ambulance and all the people in the hospital dealt with me as a person first with symptoms and not someone with a big MS tattooed on my head. This made me feel like a real human instead of an object of interest which very often happens. When I am better I will send them something nice.

Also to remember as I did from a previous encounter, in my area you have to find your own way home. For me that is a taxi after I come out of hospital. The rules have changed after people dodging fares so I make sure to take 20 pound with me to hospital just for that purpose. A very nice man picked me up in his clean, warm taxi and took one look, let me sit in the front and never said a word as I looked like floppy rag doll all the way home. He even stayed in the drive whilst I made my way to the door.

So take care, hope this helps for things to look out for. Do not hesitate if you are in question at all, get either the 111s or an ambulance if you think you need one, even if you feel you are wasting their time, you are not.

ah sweet hebeyellow what a horrid thing to happen. very glad that you were treated well in hospital. our NHS doctors and nurses deserve medals. nice taxi driver too. i believe that nice attracts nice and that means that you are very nice! take it easy now. xxx

Poor you Hebe. As Carole said, you must be especially nice to attract such niceness in return. What a horrible experience. I hope you are feeling much better now. Lots of tea, soup and old films is exactly what you need for a while.

It’s a scary thing to happen and, as you say it’s pretty good that the various medical staff looked at you as an individual, not someone with MS tattooed on their forehead. Thank you for posting your experience.

Sue x

Hope things continuing to go well - it’s going to take a lot of getting over so take it easy - (but not too easy!)

I am so pleased you are home and on the mend. Just as a thought I actually keep urine analysis sticks in my medical cabinet as i never know when i have an infection or if its just my neurogenic bladder being overactive. It sounds as though you really had a bad uti which triggered sepsis. these are the signs to look out for. About Sepsis - Sepsis Trust I am just glad you are ok hun. thank goodness. xxxx

So sorry to hear how poorly you have been and I hope that you feel better very soon. Take care and thank you for the warning. Sue

Hiya HebeY, blimey you’ve been through the mill & back. It must have been scary having Sepsis, never mind the D&V. Lovely to know you have been treated with much respect and nice people. It’s horrid to feel invisible & helpless, fab to hear you are, slowly on the mend. Take care of you hon.

Chrissie xx

Well, you’ve been through the mill.

When I was in hospital, I picked up an infection which kept me in for five more weeks. They only let me out on condition I kept the tubes in to drain the collections in my abdomen. It took months to get my strength back.

Take it easy.

Thank you all, glad September is now just a memory (to put in the mental bin). Getting there now slowly and even took a train journey last week on the spur of the moment. Feeling tired but refreshed. Best wishes to everyone

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I was admitted in September with borderline sepsis. Not pleasant!