Sensitive hearing? Steroids?

Hey everyone, I’ve recently just had my second relapse (assuming I DO have MS that is). I’ve been struggling with vertigo quite severely and I spoke to my MS nurse and her and my neuro decided enough was enough and put my on a 3 day dose of 500mg medrone steroids. Since then my hearing seems to be super sensitive, everyone seems to be talking too loudly, including myself, even my own breathing is irritating me because it all seems too loud?! Is this a side effect of the pills or a new symptom? It’s quite frustrating! Has anyone else experienced this or know anything about it? Thanks in advance, Beth

I don’t have much experience of steroids so had a look on Sensitive hearing isn’t specifically listed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it could be a side effect as it seems like pretty much everything is a possibility! I think you would be best to give your nurse a call tomorrow. It’s either a side effect or a symptom and so hopefully will wear off with the steroids, but best to get it on the record I guess. Have you tried ear plugs? Silicon ones are pretty good and not uncomfortable like the ones that go into your ear. I hope it goes soon. Karen x

Thanks Karen, I am beginning to think that absolutely anything is possible at the moment! How often is it acceptable to ring the MS nurse? I don’t want to come accross as a pain and I don’t want to take up her time for something so minor when others have big issues they may need to discuss.

I will try the ear plugs I think! I feel like I have kanine hearing at the moment, even typing this is too loud!

Thanks again,