Medrone steroids side effects?

Good morning people! How are you all?

I think my CNS inflamamtion is settling down a bit now. About a month ago I was prescribed 500mg a day of medrone…was so hideous i only took one day’s worth. Seriously they are AWFUL- the side effects are disgusting.

Anyway he did warn me that it can suppress my immune system. I got a very bad cold 2 weeks ago and actually have another cold now although its mild but its given me such horrible dizzy spells/vertigo :frowning: went to the dr and she said i have labrinthytis. Anyone ever had that? I think it is going slowly but i still feel off balance, and am actually scared to leave the house incase it happens again.

Also medrone has affected my periods bringing them a week early for the last 2 months which has NEVER happened to me! Is this normal?

Hope u all are good x

I don’t think one day’s worth of steroids would do very much. Stress could though :frowning:

Yes, I’ve had labyrinthitis - not a lot of fun, but hopefully it won’t last very long.

Karen x

hi karen!! thanks for replying. one thing you should know about me is that i am not good with medicaiton in general. can just about tolerate paracetamol!! so its a shame. it has changed my last 2 menstrual cycles too!! so odd!

U had labrinthytis? how long did it take to go? the vertigo has gone but i am left with this residual dizzyness. did u have the same thing? x

I can’t remember how long it lasted tbh. A few weeks maybe?



Hi I started to get dizzy, nausious, head spinnning, light headedness. Balance issues, Back in june 2008, been to a ENT consultant n then physio, n then on medication, n over 3 yrs later i stil have it. Seeing a neruro-otologist n Been diagnosed every type of dizziness but i am now stuck with MAV which is migraine associated vertigo. I think this is extreme tho, just unlucky i think. V xx


Oh god that sounds horrendous! hope your ok. Do you have MS or are you still in the limbo phase?

My dizzyness is actually improving slowly so think it is labrynthitis as it is fading day by day. Still a bit scared to drive yet so might leave it another couple days.


Hi Yeh im limbo land lol. Majority of people the labrinthytis it only stays a few wks, so its gd urs is goin. V xx