selfish, irresponsible but fun

I decided on the weekend that I wanted to re capture my youthz and buy a mini, I could’ve drive for about 5 months last year so decided I would do it whilst I could. Looked at some yesturday but very small, expensive and only have 2 seatbelts in the back and I have 3 children 2 of which are taller than me. I then had a brain wave and remembered beetles. As if by fate I founda beetle for sale 5 mins away in my price range (which should really be nothing) and went to see it last night. Loved it and am picking up my bright blue beetle in a few days. Very selfish of me as it onlt has 2 belts in the back so we can’t all go out in it and we desperately need a family car to also be able to tow a caravan. This is very unsuitable… this ms makes me think do things I want now as may not be able to in the future but I’ve always put family first so this is new to me. So if any of u see a blue beetle driving around bristol give me a wave xx

I sold my mini and brought a “sensible” car last year. I do miss the crazy little thing! The classics put the fun back in driving, definately not selfish, it obviously was a must have!! Enjoy driving it whilst the weathers still nice!! (Last winter I had to drive with hot water bottles pressed against the windscreen as it was freezing on the inside, then my colleagues had to come and pour warm water over the handles to help me get out!! )

I’ve still got my mini, she is actually maude(user name) - I did have a mad few seconds a few months ago and decided she had to go, however I started looking at prices and have decided that she will get the full refurb, (mini 40) she will go in the garage, we’ve made enough room now, I love Maude- probably more than I should! (I don’t even drive now, they revoked my licence) and 6’3" husband. People are always asking if she’s for sale, I know that I would get more than she cost me…just can’t bring myself to sell.

Oohh! Iv’e always wanted a beetle! but…i am the sensible type…have 2 children and a 6 berth caravan to pull…so i have a jeep instead!

Teresa. LOL!!!

BRAVO…Dead right…Do it now,while you can

You’ll find a Volvo estate that will tow your house for £s few

Happy Blueness,

Wb xx