Pink and proud

It is with deep regret that I announce the demise of my littlte three wheel buggy. I paid £200 for it five years ago this october. After new batteries, fitting a push bike saddle and bigger back tyres, off we went on trains all over the country and lots of places in the back of my trusty Volvo tank.The buggy not me.

The Volvo went after the arrival of the Shoprider Cadiz a year last january and Little Bug was rechristened as Boozy Bug and we only went to the pub together along with my beloved Suzi. After the best part of 2,300 miles on the road the gearbox has gone on Big Bug, so Boozy Bug went back to everyday use for coffee, fags and a bit of shopping . Even with the seat fitted I’ve fallen off five times in a couple of weeks 'cos I’m weak and the pavements around here are [very filered words].

Boozy Bug is dead,long live the Heartway Pixie.£500 from the place where I conduct all my buggying.They’re fixing Big Bug,but the Pixie is a snip. Four wheels, gel type batteries and it breaks up into bite size pieces…But it is PINK. I have no vanity or other issues,but apparently I should be very proud.


Be proud Wb. You kinda lost me with all that Boy-Talk but I like the idea of you on a pink buggy. Shows you to be a man who laughs in the face of convention. Good for you.

Pat x

The Pink Pixie sounds great Wb, enjoy her! Teresa xx

You could always tell people you mugged an 8 year old girl for it - if you can keep your face straight.

Geoff (who is not yet ready for a scooter, but does fancy the idea of one with front and rear wings, like an F1 car)

Ha Ha, you need an ’ up-yer-kilt ’ sticker for it, like i have on the back of mine, i am so jealous i want a pink scooter,mines got changeable grey, red, or blue panels,no pink though,such a shame.

jaki xx

Wb - Only a REAL MAN - can get away with pink - so well done. l have just come back from the dog romp on my Tramper-came through the oil-seed rape field - the crop is about 3ft high now and full of bloom - so my black scooter is covered in yellow petals - looks good!!


surely pink is the new black!

Well reader,I did the obligatory modifications;to wit

Removal of the emblematic wire basket and fitting of side pouch from a Berghaus bergen

Attatchment of two dog lead clips to back of seat,to allow ‘bag for life’ to be slung for shopping

Removal of ‘Granny wheels’ from rear of chassis (will be grinding the wheel brackets off before the next expedition)

So of we went on our first ‘proud to ride’ adventure. Up a well travelled bridal way 'about two and a half miles for 'coffee+coffin.'Cos the tyres are solid I felt every crease in the paving flags, but this was expected. What wasn’t was the death of the battery on the return trip. Was supposed to be fully charged,and the guage confirmed this,but it took over an hour to get to a main road.Three taxi firms wouldn’t help me,two people refused to push me along in neutral and 6-7 other people saw me,but offered nothing. Boudica was right with those swords on the wheels.

Once on the main road two lads pushed me to a pub car park, and our ever reliable specialist taxi firm brought me home.Not a bad place to ‘go flat’ and I did have booze and fags. So we will see what a green charging light brings in the morning.I want my lovely’Big Bug’ back


ps Mud+manure is the new pink