Selfies are in fashion

I tried taking a selfie and missed so my son turned into David Bailey mode and took this

Nice one Don! Good to put a face to the name. Years ago on this site there was a link to a site where we could upload pics of ourselves …was called MS Nurses if I remember rightly. But that was before we could use photos as avatars. There was a group of cartoon pics we could use…mine was a bumble bee. Anyone else remember those days on the old forum? Pat xx

Tee hee, I can’t seem to cope with selfie’s at all, hands are too shaky, I’ll keep trying tho. Yes, good to see you Don

Sonia x

Nice to see you Don, but I am the same as Sonia, can’t do a selfie with shaky hands!

Pam x

My daughter did my selfie he he… I was even uglier trying to do it myself, I did it for the face of ms on Facebook last night, couldn’t find anything orange apart from a dish cloth so I stuck that on my head.

Pauline xx

Well done Don’s son. Your right, it is nice to have a face to put to a name. I personally hate photos being taken of myself and I’m usually just that bit of red hair stuck up at the back of the picture. I’m not very clever with technology either so I’ll leave it with that excuse. With selfies there’s nowhere to hide.

Cath xx

Nice to see you Don although I had spotted a nice photo at the bottom of your blog spot! Nina x

I’m with you both there, Pauline and Cath, absolutely HATE photos of me and as for selfies…oh no…it would be like some kind of terrible torture just to think about it let alone look at it! Nina xx

Thanks folks,

we had the bouncy castle yesterday and our son took over a thousand photographs. He and his girlfriend paid for it for the grandsons but I secretly think it was for them really. Heathers sister even got on for a few minutes.

My niece hired one for her sons birthday party…the person who had the most fun was my mother in law, she was 91 at the time!! Nina x

Good pic there, Don! I think I need to talk to you about your powered chair. I’m thinking about getting one soon. Once our building works are done I’ll be able to move around easily in a chair upstairs, as well as sit and work in my new study/den/studio (currently our spare bedroom). So I think I might use my current wheelchair for that, it’s very comfortable, which means I’ll need a new one for downstairs and outdoors. The choice is baffling. There’s pics of me all over my website, all bar one from before 2010 when I had cancer and my woes began. I find it hard to look at them and see the person I so recently was and can no longer be. Sorry, I’m tired and maudlin, had a rubbish day, - dentist and a good friend’s funeral, on top of feeling ms rubbish. Sleep. Goodnight all Kev

Kev that really is a rubbish day. Hope you have a good night and feel slightly better tomorrow.

Cath xx

Hi Don, Love the selfie, don’t do them myself as I hate getting my photo taken. Unlike my youngest daughter who seems to be constantly taking them. My iPad seems to be full of her selfies plus the pout. Sorry you had a rubbish day Kev, Sleep well, Mags x

Hi Kev just sent you an email got your details via

Hoe you feeling a bit better today


Mags Kids seem to love selfies my camera on the phone is rubbish its about 8 year old. I discovered I can do webcam on this laptop yesterday only had it a year show how interested I am in others seeing me.