Self propelled wheelchair with electric addons

hi all

Just wanted your thoughts on wheelchairs. I’m currently going through access to work as my electric scooter is too heavy for me to get in and out of my car and need a lightweight wheelchair I can get out/put back in. It has been suggested I get a self propelled wheelchair and get electric addons but have been told that they can be tricky to put on and take off. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions I could look into?

thanks x

Hi loola

If you google ‘manual wheelchair power assist’ you’ll find different options. There are a few listed here -


A wheelchair lift for your car the same as I have for scooter easy to operate there is a cost unless it’s fitted at supply off motability car .

Excellent link Dan. Cheers!

Loola, I have a folding self propelled chair and after months of searching, have successfully added a Klaxon powered trike attachment. Most trike attachments are suitable only for fixed wheelchairs. PM me for more details if needed.

Thanks all

derek that does sound interesting is it easy to attach?


yes. I don’t live near the supplier so there was a bit of trial and error but thanks to a helpful techie mate and a few FaceTime calls with the supplier, it now works a treat. Mine is still relatively new, so I’m still getting used to it.

is your chair a fixed or a folding one? If it’s fixed you have numerous choices. If it’s a foldie, your choices are very limited. The Klaxon was the only one I could find.

there’s some videos on YouTube on various different attachments.