Self destructive and defecating behaviour

My husband has for some time now had outburst of calling himself abusive and foul names. He has SPMS, diagnosed 16 years, but long history of mental health difficulties and generally bullying himself to extreme.
He has recently come off Mamantine as psychiatrist said he could stop as unsure it is doing anything.
Only been one week since stopping, but he is definitely worse and has zero tolerance to discuss anything.
Today has been a bad day, he’s angry, at pretty much everything, me, tv, the news, in his workshop using machinery in a dangerous manner likely to cause injury, thankfully nothing happened, but creating dust with no extraction making it impossible to see across the room…just ridiculously foolish.
I let him continue but the risks and his behavior have been v unpleasant :pensive:
Is this something anyone else has experience of?
So i didn’t complete this post and now 2 days later …
Saturday after being v unpleasant all day, he then drank cider and wine when i was out walking our dog.
Went to bed and appeared to be relatively ok. 9.30 i went to bed to find him in extreme pain, crying and mumbling, shaking and in a very poor state with a raging temperature.
He wasn’t able to communicate or move, nor like a stroke, but completely incapacitated. At this point he then statted to try and move on the bed but could not ever lift his shoulders or head. I asked if heneeded the toilet. Long story short, midnight i phoned my son for help and also spoke to 111 who said ambulance. My son and i lifted him to a commode chair n got hom to the bathroom, but he just couldn’t functional to use a catheter.
Later found out hed stopped taking all of his medication, for 7 days, there is a lot! Hed got progressively worse all week as a result.
Today is up a ladder in the drive!!

Complete madness

Hi, mmm, sounds like meds withdrawal problems!

Did he go to hospital or not?

GP needs to get involved I think.

No. By morning when ambulance arrive, as i guess wasn’t life threatening, 5.300am they did observations and advised was best to contact out of hours GP, who then prescribed antibiotics for UTI. I’ll speak to regular Gp if he agrees tomorrow. But this is Mental Health. He’s under the Older Person’s mental health team. There are no answers. It’s similar to dementia but as MS, doesnt really fit in any of the boxes!
All down to me to sort it seems.
For taking on this responsibility inow get carers allowance which is around £75 a week. Seriously, is that right!

Sounds like he’s tired of living and deliberately doing things that could serious harm him, without actually taking his own life. Have you tried to get him sectioned? Then the MH team would have to intervene rather than let him fall between the various departmental stools.

A friend a few years ago was an alcoholic, in denial, and slowly killing herself. Trouble is, in periods of lucidity, she could check herself out. Eventually she succeeded :cry:

Exactly what I believe. Just doesnt want to be living this life. But meanwhile the stress being created is unbelievable.
Wont discuss anything and trues to say his behaviour is completely normal, its me that has the MH issues.
Difficult to know how to proceed. AMH and Gp tomorrow i guess :woman_shrugging: