Seizures with MS?

In the middle of November my mom had a seizure right in front of me. Probably the most scariest moment of my life and the doctors didn’t know what caused it and I’m pretty sure they said they weren’t sure if it was one. I think it was one. She was shaking and jerking and she went unconscious. Her hands tightened and the face she made wasn’t pleasant. She didn’t know who I was and when she started to snap out of it she sat there blankly while I tried to say stuff to her. From the ambulance to the hospital she began to gain awareness of what was happening.

I don’t live with my mom my grandmother is her caretaker. Just today my grandma called me and told me that the same thing happend again to her. If you’ve known anyone whose gone through the same thing it’d help if you give me some info. I’m just a 16 year old worried about her mother and whats going on with her.

thanks xx

Hi Harmony, don’t know if I’ve seen you here before, if not then welcome. What you describe sounds very much like a seizure. Personally I’ve never experienced an ms sufferer having seizures but logically I imagine it is very possible as the messages in the nervous system are affected in both. I think your mum needs to see her neurologist and not drive until this has been investigated. It sounds like the hospital aren’t taking her seriously but she needs to see someone who will.

Take care, mum can be treated if they are seizures, she just needs to see someone who’ll listen. It’d help if she had someone like you or your grandma with her when she sees the neurologist as you can describe what happened.

Cath xx

Hi Harmony, This definitely sounds like a seizure. My 19 yo son has recently had two - one of which I witnessed and it was as you describe. He does not have MS but apparently people can become epileptic at any age. Having something already that affects the brain may mean that your Mum is more vulnerable to this happening. My son is awaiting an appointment from a neurologist and I agree with Cath that your Mum should see her neurologist and fairly quickly. My son’s first seizure resulted in him having concussion and if a seizure occurs when your Mum is near to any furniture etc, she could hit her head. If she does seize try to clear the area around her to keep her safe. Do not hold her down but try to put her on her side. Do not put anything in her mouth to bite on! When she starts to come round, try to keep her lying down if you can. She may try to get up but encourage her to stay still. She will probably be very confused and not understand what has happened. Try not to worry (easier said than done, I know). This may be an isolated incident and not occur again but do get an appointment with her neuro. Hope this helps a bit! Teresa xx

Hi, my Consultant often asks ‘any seizures’ and other MS professionals! It can happen, even some of the drugs have it in the possible side effects. MS is a bi£chM

Some people with MS do get seizures and I hope they put your mum on med’s that can stop them. I know that Gabapentin is one drug that is used for MS pain but in higher doses is used to stop seizures. A friend of mine who is very epileptic… used to have several fits a day, is very stable now on Gabapentin. He did actually have a seizure just before Xmas but it was the first for 3 years! Teresa… just wanted to let you know that my son had two ‘grand mal’ seizures when he was 17 and has never had any since… he’s 42 in March! There is a type of epilepsy that can affect teenagers that then goes away completely, and I hope it’s the same for your son. Pat xx

Thanks Pat - I hope Jake will be the same as it’s such a worry! Teresa xx