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Hi everyone

I was wondering if I could get some advice .

I haven’t been diagnosed with ms, my late mother did have ms bless her .

A few times now I have experienced what I can only explain as a wave or attack of complete exhaustion . Unable to concentrate , dizziness . Random muscle jerks unable to concentrate at all and a feeling like I’m not really here and that everything is all dreamy. It’s terrifying . It just happens today in work and I was tripping over steps and my thumbs was were trembling . If I put any pressure on any of my muscles for example if I lift my foot it shakes uncontrollably. I was dragging my feet today and my right left arm was randomly burning up . I couldn’t talk properly forgetting words and I was stuttering I couldn’t get my sentences out.

I know this could all be caused by a range of things . But I’m getting really fed up by my doctor saying it’s anxiety . I’ve never felt like I’ve felt today and I know something is up . I’m just really want to know what’s going on . Is this anything anyone here has experienced ? And is it worth contacting my doctor ? My partner says I’m being paranoid and that I just need to carry on .

Any help would really help me

Thank you

Ah, yes. Anxiety. Panic attacks. Stress. Growing pains. Overly emotional. Overweight. Overworked. All of the reasons doctors give when they don’t know what’s wrong with you and aren’t willing to look farther.

It could very well be anxiety. Has your doctor tried any meds to help you with this? If yes, and the meds aren’t helping, then he should start looking at your symptoms and what brings them on. Keep a diary and figure out when these things are happening. Is it worse on hot days? Always in late afternoon or evening? After exercising?

If your doctor hasn’t prescribed anything for anxiety, why hasn’t he? You might be paranoid because your mother had MS, but then again, you might be seeing the early warning signs because you know what your mother dealt with. If your doctor isn’t willing to help you, then find another one.

I saw 3 different GP’s over 9 years before I found one who’d listen to me, and then I went through several neurologists for the same reason. If the one you’re with now isn’t taking you seriously, then it’s not a good fit and you deserve better.

Hi many thanks for your reply and advice . Sorry for my late response

Luckily I’m feeling better now and feel guilty about posting on here now sorry.

I just panicked because I was in bed for 3 days because of this sudden fatigue attack . I was walking so slowly tripping over couldn’t speak properly and just felt so weak and completely and utterly out of it . Had random pain under ribcage and lower back. Just never experienced anything like that before to that degree

I think i am being paranoid but was panicking about the symptoms at the time sorry. I’m taking venlafaxine and quetiapine for anxiety, ocd and panic attacks . They’re not really helping though sadly . the gp checked my reflexes and said that there were no problems neurologically and sent me on my way . He said it was due to my tablets

I still have tremors especially if I lift my foot upwards my whole foot and leg start to shake uncontrollably. I think this is normal though ? I used to have this horrible itching sensation as well like a sharp needle was poking me at random points of my body but this has stopped now and as well and this happend a year ago , and with my vision I can see millions of dots constantly which seems to be what they call visual snow and I have random muscle jerking . This can be embarrassing when it happens in my face because I slur my words then when speaking . When I hold my phone as well for example my whole hand starts to shake . It also takes a while for me to pee now for some reason and I can’t tell if I’ve finished or not if that makes sense . My balance is off too. The biggest problem though is the random fatigue and sometimes breathlessness

But All of which now I’ve learned could be due to medication side effects and or anxiety according the doctor .

But the severity of all of these seem to come and go . But luckily now I’m feeling better .

I felt like I was a burden to the doctor though and I don’t want to build a reputation with him that I’m a hypochondriac.

Thanks again for taking the time though to reply .

I wish you all the best

Hi Steff
yes i think you shud contact yr doctor, and get them to organise an MRI, to see what is going on, it will settle you.


Steff, I think you need to continue looking for answers. Try a different GP and see if he can send you to a neurologist. Your symptoms seem to be a bit too specific for “just” anxiety.