could this be ms?

Ok so I’ll list everything that has happened over the past 10 years. Please let me know if you think it could be ms. Thanks, kelly. Fatigue: I’ve been to the doctors once for being far too tired despite sleeping ok. I hated the docs at this point so it was bad for me. Eyesight: I’m shortsighted, discovered at age 10 but didn’t wear glasses full time. Most of my health problems have occurred in the past year. The problem is i don’t know if i just have health anxiety which causes these, if they are normal, or if it could be early signs of ms. 2013: i had a few random episodes of uncontrollable crying for no reason. I felt my mood was too low. I felt less able motivation for daily tasks. may 2013: after a couple of big events i had a mental breakdown. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and put on fluoxetine. I had side effects while adjusting but i will discount those. Vision: i see weird things from time to time like a bright blue dot that flashes, bright white squiggly dots that swim about all over my visual field for about 5 seconds. sometimes i cannot focus on reading, the words look like they are slightly blurred. I blink a few times and try to read anyway and end up squinting and reading very slowly. About 6 months ago i got a strong pain in my left eye. I ignored it but it got worse to the point it really worried me. Memory: i have always had a bad memory. I quite often have difficulty naming objects and sometimes remembering a word. Pains, pins and needles, numbness: i get random sharp pains in my fingers and toes. It will just be one finger or toe at a time. I also get pains in my joints. One time i had a sharp pain in my big toe, like someone was sticking a pin in it. The paij went away and part of that toe was completely numb. The numbness lasted a long time. Perhaps a week? I didn’t notice when the feeling came back. I get pins and needles occasionally in my little finger and ring finger on one hand. Muscles: my muscles have always got tired easy when exercising but never walking. Any repeptative motion. On two occasions fairly recently my left leg has given way and I’ve collapsed. Once was in my kitchen. I felt it start to go then i let it go. I feel like i might have been able to stop it if i had tried. The second time was when i was running in paintball. I was exhausted and before i knew it i was suddenly on the floor. I got back up without a problem. I have always over-exercised my legs easily. This morning i had a pain in my left calf for no reason at all. It went away after a while and instead i have a pain in my left thigh. It hurts when i walk and touch it but not when standing or sitting. Bowels and peeing: i have always had a weird reaction to acid. If i drink alcohol or coke from a pump or if i am anxious and take ibuprofen i have air that comes up like a burp (i can’t burp) every couple of minutes. Eventually hours later the irritation makes me sick. However taking a couple of zantac relieves all of these acid problems. The doctor mentioned something about possible irritable stomach. I seem to have developed ibs. My stomach spasms. For a long time now food basically just irritates my stomach. After eating i feel uncomfortable for about an hour, then it passes into my bowels and they bubble and i can feel air moving and i fart a lot. For a long time now, i get random stomach aches. Always after eating but it is really sharp and has me doubled over. They seem to have got less intense but more frequent over time. Also i am better at dealing with them, i know to take a couple of ibuprofen and just sit still. I get diarrea randomly. At least once a month. I had an episode recently where my stomach hurt, i had liquid diarea that liberally peed out of my butt. And i actually pooed in my bed a couple of times. I vomited which i have not done since i was a kid (I’m 22) when i am sick from the air irritation it is my choice to be sick. This just happened and i had no choice. I put the whole episode down to a stomach bug, but since then my bowels seem to be a tiny bit harder to control. I have slighly pooed myself once since then. Again recently, I found blood on the toilet paper. I cannot tell where this came from but i think it was period spotting as i had recently missed taking my contraceptive pill for 1 day. This is the second time i have forgotten and the second time i got blood. I have always needed to pee often, to the point where my primary school teacher requested i go to the doctors about it. It seems i have a weak bladder. If i jump i leak a little though this has improved over time. I still go to the toilet a lot if i drink something, i also feel i need to go when my bladdrr can hold more. Sometimes i don’t really need to go at all. Spasms: i randomly twitch perhaps once a day. When i do i tend to twitch 2 or 3 times. (edited by admin). Also when i relax deeply i twitch a fair bit. The twitches occure in all body parts (movements not internal) That is it. Thank you for reading, please let me know what you thibk, be it ms, normal or sonething else.

That was certainly a long read! Well, going by the symptoms you’ve listed, generally, it doesn’t sound much like MS to me, but I’m not a doctor. I’d say that a visit to your GP would be your next step. You could ask the doctor if a referral to a neuro would perhaps give you some answers. MS’ers have many & extremely varied symptoms, it’s very difficult to diagnose & more often than not could take a long time…


Thank you for your reply, i tend to be a bit of a hyperchondriac but at the same time i believe there is something wrong with me, just not sure what. But agaon could just be hyperchondria

Was hard to read all of that try to break it up in paragraphs next time, how often does your legs give way? Do you have any balance problems anyway I was diagnosed with progressive Ms recently but I started off a year ago 2 years in March pins and needles then stiff joints I thought it was arthritis as it runs in family I was partly right I have minor only.

Then legs started to give way then stiffness and loss of balance I went a year like this before I changed gp last January and that got me my Ms diagnoses so do go see your gp don’t put up with them like I did for a year cause now I don’t leave house your legs could be caused by something else.

Good luck x