Seeking help

Hi all,

well on the 10th July I had my first episode and my second on the 17th. Both episodes affecting my right hand predominantly. I was discharged from the hospital last Saturday after having further steroids but I have been left with no advice as to whether I should be trying to use my hand.

At the moment I have severe weakness from elbow to wrist and no power in the hand at all. I’ve not been discharged with help from physio or OT and the MS specialist I need to see is on annual leave.

So I am just wondering if anyone else has suffered something similar and whether I should be trying to use my hand to encouragement movement to come back

thank you in anticipation

a very frustrated Gemma

Hi Gemma,

I totally understand your frustration! I have CIS and I have never been provided with any help, advise or anything. I am, however, surprised that you have not received anything, having been diagnosed with MS!

I would contact you GP or Consultants Office, they may be able to pop you in the direction of an MS group/MS Nurse or private MS Centre.

Depending where you are in the Country, there are some MS Therapy Centre’s. These are privately run charity centres providing lots of different therapies at reduced prices. I see a neuro physio as I have an obvious weakness in the right side of my body. After every session I have gained more and more movement and my legs and arms are slowly keeping up with each other.

I wish you all the best in your treatment and recovery.


HI Gemma,

I work on the principle if you don’t use it you loose it!

If there is a reason for you not to use it such as broken bones etc then do so, I’ve been playing with playdoh and other toys to help get the feeling back and so far so good.

Best of luck and try to stay positive