Seeing the neurologist

Hi can anyone advise on the type of questions I should be asking the neurologist? I am seeing him on the 12th of October. He only ever tells me not to worry! I am undiagnosed. Have had 2 mri scans that say Dymyelination which he has never explained to me. I am really struggling at the moment with various symptoms and will admit that my thoughts are very dark. I can’t see any light at the end of this tunnel. I usually go to these appointments alone but I am taking my partner this time. I am not sure what to say! All help will be gratefully received. Thank you Julie x

hi julze

take a list of your symptoms and their effect on you.

ask if demyelinisation is a symptom of a neurological disease.

ask him which one.

basically in ms the coating on your nerves has been damaged by your immune system,

like electrical wiring the messages don’t get through properly so your brain tells your foot to do one thing but it ends up doing another.

good luck

carole x