Seeing neurologist tomorrow

Hi. Short history. Started having primarily sensory symptoms last year. GP referred me for full brain and spine MRI. Result was normal all round. Referred to neurologist anyway, upon hearing MRI result he categorically ruled MS out. Went though MRI with me as I was anxious. Did various physical tests, I had plantar flexor, normal pupils, normal deep tendon reflexes which were symmetrical. Neurologist referred me for NCT/EMG and suggested councilling if i cannot let go of the possibility of MS. All normal apart from bilateral carpal tunnel. I was told I would have a follow up in 8 months time. This brings me to now. No letter with an appointment came through so I called hospital yesterday. They acknowledged I need a follow up but obviously something had not flagged up. They said my original neurologist has left unfortunately but gave me a cancellation slot with a different neurologist tomorrow.

Now I’m wondering. Will she just take off from my previous neurologist or will she take everything at face value and decide for herself? For consistency purposes I would rather have seen the same person. I’m quite nervous.

Just read your post and wondering how you`ve gone on.

To me, a new neuro should make his own mind up. He should do a physical examination and if he feels further tests are needed, then he`ll order them.

Looking out for your reply hun.


So how was it?


Hi Polls, only just seen your message. Unfortunately she said she feels my symptoms are not consistent with MS and she would not be comfortable referring me for more tests. She could see I was anxious and talked alot about sensory filters in the brain. Examination was fine apart from brisk but symmetrical reflexs that she was not concerned about. She mentioned Functional Nerve Disorder. Don’t know too much about it and don’t know what to do now.

I would like another MRI but it certainly wasn’t an option on this occasion. Feeling pretty deflated!!!

Hi Cherry Tree

Have a look at Symptoms - FND Hope International it might help you to understand what is meant by functional nerve disorder. Sorry you feel deflated, but in many ways it’s better than a positive MS diagnosis. I know that at present it may not feel like that, but given some decent physiotherapy, you might have a different viewpoint. I hope so anyway.


Oh its the pits hanging around in limbo land. Ive been in and out of that place so many times.

Dont really accept my current diagnosis of HSP either, as my genetic test last sept came back negative.

Doubt I`ll ever know why I cant walk!