Seeing improvements since I started rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation)

I bought a plug-in magnetic mat and cushion before Christmas. I’ve used them religiously every day since, spending an hour lying on the mat and ten minutes with the cushion under my head and ten minutes under my feet (the cushion provides a much stronger magnetic field than the mat). My bladder control has improved a lot. I’ve stopped taking Betmiga and I’ve been (pretty much) accident free for a couple of weeks. My standing is better and my walking is slightly better.

Such a relief to see improvements, rather than my usual continual deterioration.


hiya sc

ta for feedback! since your last post re this i mentioned to my osteopath and also one of the nurses at local hosp who had heard of it.

when you lie on it-is a bed too soft? does it need to be floor or massage table?

i have used revitive daily for some years-helps circulation but nowt obvious re bladder. 3 years ago it was suggested i get a catheter but i refused.

my concern is that its a fine balance between benefits and overstimulation.

am back at hosp in 10 days or so and hope that nurse in on duty!

look forward to your next update!


I put it on my sofa, which I used to lie on for a rest before I got the mat. Now I imagine walking when I’m lying on it, rather than sleeping.