Bladder and Bowel

Hi to all I went in to hosp last Monday to have my Neuromodulation op for Over active bladder urgency frequency ect. It has worked Really well no getting up at night and reduced the times i go to loo has also helped my bowel too cus it works on your nerves that control your bladder and bowel. I am going bk to see consultant today cus on Monday i am having second part of op to insert a battery to control my remote you can turn it up or down as to how much stimulation you want ect. Dolphin 500

Hello Dolphin Great to hear the op has worked for you. Must be lovely to have undisturbed nights. I must confess, I’ve never heard of this procedure, I shall have to consult Mr google :slight_smile: Have a good day. X

Hi Blossom Thank You yes it is great Really please i had it done as i had 8 yrs of getting up everynight. Hope it will benefit other people too who have same probs as i had. Dolphin 500.

Dolphin 500,

Thank you so very much for your interesting post - this will bring hope to so many of us. l have had MS for 32yrs and from the start lost control of bladder and bowels. l have had a Supra Pubic Catheter for 19yrs now - which changed my life. But my bowels are very unreliable. Have been seriously thinking of having a colostomy - as my poor mobility does not allow me to get to the loo in time. Now l am wondering if the neuromodulation op would suit me. Time for a word with my GP - me thinks.

Just wanted to bump this up - as l know so many of us will find it useful.

l am going to bump this post up again - as it is very relevant to to-days posts.

Thank You SpaceJacket.


Would you mind telling me [or pm] did your GP/ urologist refer you for this treatment? And how long did it take to get an appointment and the eventual op. What is the criteria - l shall be making an appointment with my GP to see if its available to me.

lts been my experience - for 32 yrs of MS - that l have been left to get on with it. Have only seen a neuro 4 times - and even then the first thing they say is they do not know much about MS. l have little faith in neuros - up to now. My ‘vet’ shows more interest in MS then the so called specialists. He discusses with me any new research that comes up - and there has been a few wild claims of a cure over the years. He thinks that when they find out what causes it - it will be all auto-immune diseases not just ms that it applies to.

I’ve been reading about this on the Walton centre website. It’s also used to administer drugs for chronic pain when every other avenue has been exhausted. The drug is delivered directly into the spinal cord via an intrathecal pump. Improving effectiveness of drug and decreasing side effects. X

Hi to all, I Was refered to Urologist 8 yrs ago by my gp who percribed lots of differant meds for my condition but they gave me dry mouth and they didnt have any effect on my O.A.B so when i went bk to see Racheal i had a other Urodynamics study done to check weather i had detrusor overactivity meaning my bladder was contracting when it was filling up instead of relaxing before i urinated. So i asked what my options were n she explained that i could have neuromodulation but i would be put on a waiting list there were 10 other people before me n this was last April i just said i cant cope like this anymore as by this time bowel was effected too diorheea and incontinence i found it very hard to cope with both. I got a letter 2 weeks ago asking me to go in for my op n i am so pleased i did i went bk to see cons yesterday so i am bk in monday for my battery placement cant wait. You can get differant ones i think the one blossom is on about is a pain relife pump if you are in a lot of pain for any reason. But i wouldnt swop this for anything n i have to have it switched of Monday while my battery insertion heals then go bk the following Monday for my battery n new remote switched on the battery last for 3 years then you have a new battery inserted. I hope i wont have to put up wiv my symptoms for another week cus i am so used to not having them i dont know what i will be like will let you know next week. Dolphin500.

You say it works with a remote; just hope it works on frequencies not shared with anything else or somebody could have some fun at your expense (evil mind)!

Hi to all it works though amp frequencies is how it works n their would be no chance of anyone getting hold of my remote you can only alter it up or down you cant actually change anything else with it the only drawback is you cant shower for 2 weeks so i had to use dry shampoo to wash my hair the first time ever. I will also use it Sunday cus dont know if it will have any effects on sadation if i use it monday i have 2 sons and they did think of your the question you posted but they havnt touched it because if they did it would be the last straw so to speak so i am safe as far as that goes. Dolphin500.

Hi to all, I had my op today i had local lignocaine injected to where the were putting the interstim battery i was sore afterwards as it wore off i felt some pulling and tugging n some pain too when cons put battery in she checked it to see if it was working it wasnt had to go n get a new battery to try yes it worked so i was happy. After all checks i was allowed home to rest i can shower after 24 hrs after ive put a waterproof dressing on. Then i am bk next week for it turning on yeah monday i hope as am going on holiday on 26th of July. Dolphin500.

Thanks Dolphin-500 for talking about bladder & bowel probs.

I’ve had problems with my bladder for years (Detrusor Sphincter Dysinergia) which is a real pain & causes infection sometimes. I had no idea that MS could also affect my bowel. For the last 9 months I’ve been unable to empty my bowel properly. Even the urge to go is not very strong & when I want to go I can’t empty completely. It’s very much like my bladder probs.

I haven’t seen anyone about it yet although I’ve discussed it with the District Matron who has been caring for me. I just find it very embarrasing really and an absolute pain.

It’s good to know that there may be something that can be done for me as it worsens. How did you start to get help with this problem?


Well done - and thanks for keeping us informed. l am waiting to see my GP to ask about being referred for this Sacral Neuro-modulation.

Good to see that ‘batteries are included’. Hope they are Duracell !!

Hi Spacejacket The battery says on it interstim 2 not duracell i dont think they would work somehow as its a flat battery not round ones but funny anyway i had to laugh at what u put duracell indeed. Dolphin500

Glad to hear alls gone well with the op Dolphin500…just in time for your holiday…happy days


Hi Blossom Thankyou for your Kindness n Goodness Nice of You Hope You Get Yours Sorted Too let us know how you get on. Dolphin500