Bladder and Bowel Problems

Hi to all, I already have overactive bladder and am now having overactive bowel which doc is saying is ibs cant be if as of above appointment to see gastroenterologist in feb.I cannot control my bowels go before i get to loo which is really embaressing to say the least i had to go to loo in town on way to look after grandaughter i hate been like this its bad enough with back n bladder probs now this and muscle spasms too doc has put me bk on baclofen which just relaxes everything so makes it worse n dyhdrocodine cus tramadol not working for pain relife. Can anyone relate to the above also urgency to poo too Dolphin_500.

Its a unfortunate side affect of MS - but it really can hinder your daily life - make sure you get the correct support from your MS nurse…


i understand. i sh*t myself this morning. thankfully carer was here to help me.i get 5 seconds warning that my bowels are going to open. good advice re ms nurse but mine hasnt a clue… my gp however does. i understand and appreciate that i should avoid constipation and very rarely have that prob. i do drink lots of water. i take senna regularly and it helps. it does take a while to get to understand ur body and what it can tolerate but worthwhile if u can (took me several months but was worth it) sometimes i still get it wrong (as reminded today!)

i wish i could give u an answer that i could guarantee that would work for you but i cant-we are all so different and unique. so best i can suggest is maybe to come (almost) obsessional re bowel but only so u can recognise ur pattern and get to know ur body. stressing/worrying is of no positive use-tho understandable. i hope u find ur way to cope on a daily basis-i really do cos i do know how upsetting and degrading it is.

ellie x

Hello love. I know, not knowing when you`re gona need the loo can rule your life.

My bladder caused me so much trouble, with urgency, retention, utis, hurried and very risky tranfers to loos, that I opted to have a supra pubic catheter fitted last year. It took some getting used to, but it is marvelous now.

But having an op is a bit drastic, if it isnt totally necessary.

Oxybutynin worked for several years, in calming my bladder down.

Re your bowels…a bit harder to cope with I know.

I sometimes get constipated, but I take laxido everyday, plus eat a high fibre diet. I often get the urgent call and i have to get hoisted and hold on like mad.

If your stools are too loose, you could get some immodium, which hardens them up. But then you may need something else to make you go.

Do you know about Persiteen? I`ve never used it, but several folk here do. It is a method of self bowel emptying, using water and a pump. Those who do use it think it is great, as a daily or maybe every few days usage, it gives them the security of knowing they have emptied and can go about their day without worry.

Hope something helps hun and your life isnt ruled by the 2 Bs.

luv Pollx

Thanks to all who have replied i have another doc appointment tuesday will see what he says its the most annoying thing in all the world having these probs n then i couldnt go earlier as was too soft to push out i cannot win at all. Dolphin_500.

Good luck with the doc appt. Lat us kniow how it goes yeh?

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