Bladder arghh

Does anyone else have a bladder / bowels with a multi personality disorder. When I go to the drs they want it to be one thing eg urgency but it (my bladder)doesn’t want just one label

I know how you feel! Sometimes I can’t stop myself from peeing and at other times I can’t go without ISC and that can be on the same day! All I can say is, I’m just grateful that ISC has turned not to be the nightmare I thought it would and my new best friend is Lady Tena!

Have you seen a urology nurse? If not, ask to be referred to one, they can be a real help. x

Bladder and Bowel issues were one of my first symptoms of MS. They have made me a virtual prisoner - not able to go more than a few steps from a loo.

20 yrs ago l had a SPC fitted - which has been a god-send. Bowels have a mind of their own - l get no warning. Whatever l eat goes straight through me - as l demonstrated when l was sent to hospital for tests. Had the camera up the jacksy first - they could not find anything untoward - then the barium meal xray. l told the nurse that once l had drunk it l would have passed it through in no time. They could not believe when in 7mins it had. 3hrs is the usual time apparently. They said l have ‘rapid transit’ -l said it was like on Top Gear - the fastest lap in a reasonably priced car. The nurse said l would go to the top of the chart - l expect l still hold the record.

l can see me having a colostomy before too long. The worse my mobility the more tricky it is for me to dash to the loo. Holidays have been out of the question for years. Been away once in 33yrs. And the last thing l want is not to be able to look after myself-and a colostomy would give me some independence. l would not like to have people hoist me and put me on the loo.

lts a b&gger!!

Hi Tonka

Luckily I don’t have bowel problems but I got so fed up of sitting in a puddle because of almost no bladder control I have also recently got an SPC. I agree that it has been great. I don’t have to be changed all the time, I don’t wake up sodden wet, I’m drinking more which my kidneys probably appreciate.

I was worried about still being attractive to my long term boyfriend but that hasn’t been a problem (;-)).

It won’t be the right choice for everyone, and at the end of the day it is your choice, but my experience is good.


My own bladder gave me loads of trouble. Thankfully after seeing an amazing urologist my bladder has now been Botox to give me relief. Ask to be referred to one. You most likely be referred for a urodynamic test. This tests the stress of passing urine, flow rate as well as spasms of bladder. Leave your ego at door with this one. Only downfall of Botox is you need to intermittent catheterise. Need any info in future just Pm me. Sometimes a BNI releases the pressure on bladder if this is required. If your a male and want anymore children have them before this operation if it’s ever required. Hopefully just a simple thing like mirabegron, tovias or oxybutynin will give bladder relief. Fingers crossed for you.

Wishing you speedy relief


Bladder isn’t too bad, mostly hesitancy and occasionally a bit of urgency. I’ve only had one UTI as well in 6 years so I’m pleased with that.

Bowels are a law unto themselves. My GP dismissed it as ‘possibly MS or IBS’ when I visited him with severe acid reflux (vomiting acid at 3am) accompanied by constipation and/or the complete opposite. My neuro wasn’t happy with this and I now have a gastroenterology appointment next month. However, I’ve been eating really bland food for a year as it was all I could manage so they won’t see me at my worst as this has calmed the acid reflux down considerably.

I have a horrible feeling they won’t find anything conclusive and I will have to manage with it in much the same way. By keeping a food diary and avoiding the foods which are the worst culprits and never quite knowing which foods will go straight through on any given day …

Tracey x