seeing if I can post and have people gone

Tried replying to a few threads and it doesnt let me , very frustrated. Also where is tina, missing her opinions hope she wikl be back on soon. Zoe

i was wondering where Tina was too.

J x

Please everyone, not to worry. I am fine, but do need a break from the boards.

The recent “upgrade” and associated problems were not the only reason, but they did contribute. Alhough I am reasonably IT-savvy, I couldn’t be doing with that much hassle, just to use a forum, and one night I flipped, and decided enough was enough.

It was probably overdue anyway, as I’d been increasingly wondering whether my time on these boards - which inevitably makes me dwell on MS, and all things MS-related, was really helping me.

I didn’t want to make a dramatic public announcement about it, because it looks like a hissy-fit, and people who do it inevitably end up coming back eating their words anyway. But equally, I didn’t mean to worry anyone.

I am busy learning Dutch and Russian on a site called, for anyone, like me, who is bored stuck at home, and might be interested in learning a language, or refreshing one learnt at school. It’s not free, but modestly priced, and you can try the first lesson of any language for free, before deciding if it’s right for you.

I’ve also been trying some of the free short courses on a site called ALISON, that someone here recommended ages ago.

As you can see, I still look in occasionally to pick up mail or whatever, but I am trying not to get sucked back in to spending hours thinking and talking about MS. I know it won’t just go away if I try to spend less time thinking about it (If only it were that simple!), but there ARE other things out there waiting to be discovered, even if you don’t/can’t get out much.

Hope everyone is doing as well as possible, under the circumstances, and many thanks for thinking of me. Rest assured I have not taken a sudden turn for the worse - crossing my fingers as I type that, but very hard to type with fingers crossed!





Good luck learning the Dutch and Russian Tina. My husband and I have been to Italy a few times and I’ve always fancied learning italian…will take look

Take care and enjoy

Noeen x

Glad you are ok tina xx

There are a few oldies missing and I too, dont spend as much time on here as I did.

But I value the friends Ive made and all the stuff Ive learned and will be sticking around.

The slow and incorrect typing is really putting me off!

I`d love to reply to more folk, but it is frustrating and tiring.

much love Pollx

GOod to hear all’s well with you, Tina. I had been missing you too! Good luck with the new languages.


i think the gremlins that were causing me problems have been sorted because i’ve had no trouble getting onto the site and replying to messages this week.

thanks moderators

carole x