Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis & Degenerative Disc disease

Does anyone else have these two things together? I am really struggling. I would like to hear how you are dealing with this.x

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I have MS , severe spinal stenosis , bulging disc , spondylothesis , and 2 fractured vertabrae and thats just my spinal problems.
It is difficult to know which condition is responsible for my symptoms , both probably.
Damn if one doesn’t get me the other one will.

Sorry meant to say I’ve just had lumbar decompression surgery and its really improved the pain in my legs. My back is still an issue.
I take alot of pain killers plus CBD oil and edibles and swear by using my heat pad on my back.
I hope you find something that helps you. Take care.

Sounds like you are going through it sorry to hear that. It is difficult to know what to take for the pain. Like you said which one thing is causing the most problems. I have bulging discs and lesions in my spine the pain moves around my spine all the time. Things hit other things and it’s so painful. 2 weeks before Christmas my lower back gave way and I could not go to bed for 2 months had to sleep on the sofa so I didn’t move around. There is something that really worries me around my bra strap area I get this awful pain that creeps around to my front I have to stretch is out to get rid of it (It is not the ms hug) . It can last for 15 mins, it’s very scary. Also sometimes when I lay down I have to sit up quick as I am not breathing correctly. This is all down to the nerves and discs. I am going to ask my neurologist this month to put me on sativex and give that a go. Grrr so frustrating…
Anyway take care.