l have had PPMS for 35yrs. And have had several types of scooters for the last 25yrs. l like to get out and about with my dogs - so not wanting a ‘shopper’. More a mudlark. For several years l have had a Tramper - very well built and strong - but they are expensive £6,000 new. .

Recently, l decided to get another scooter - as my ~OH now needs one. So l have been looking at TGA Supersports. And l have bought one secondhand off Ebay. l decided to get it from a mobility firm rather than buy from a private sale. Although, miles away from me l contacted Norfolk Mobility Scooters and spoke to Kevin - they deal in all the secondhand scooters. l asked for heavy duty off road tyres put on the Supersport l wanted - and it has been serviced and had new batteries.

The ‘supersport’ arrived today on a pallet. lt has lots of chrome on it and looks very much like a motorbike - which is why it is known as the’ Harley’ of mobility scooters.

Very pleased with the way it handles and turns - as it has 3 big wheels. Large wire basket on back - you could get a weeks shopping in. Although it is 2yrs old - it looks brand new. And cost £1200. delivery to us £85.

So anyone thinking of getting a scooter secondhand l can recommend this company.

All l want now is a leather ‘Harley’ jacket to go with it.


Looks super. Have fun!