Scooters For Kids

I want to buy a scooter for my younger brother. I want such scooter which can be easily ridden on home .So that my brother is safe from any type of accidents. If anybody know about such scooter then share it with me.

I’ve seen electric w/chairs for children but never scooters. My w/chair a quickie Salsa M is a particularly good one for youngsters because it is adaptable from the smallest size to adult so you don’t need keeping to get a new one as the child grows.

I’ll be interested to see if anyone knows of child size scooters

I’ve just reread your post and realize that although you refer to a younger brother it was just my assumption that it was a child – sorry. Now I’m not really sure what your question actually is.

Thanks for your recommendation. My brother is 16 years old. In case of security I only want that he ride a scooter only at home or a nearby park.

Hi Helen,

Ummm ………. a 16 year old will do what a 16 year old will do!

I can see your point but a scooter that can go in the park can go elsewhere too. This is a hard one to regulate. I’m not sure that it is solvable. A pavement scooter is the best bet but as I say they can go off down the lane just as easily as stay in the park!

On reflection I think an electic w/chair would be safer but there is a huge cost implication.


Yes Wendels you are right a scooter that can go in the park can go elsewhere too. One of my brother’s friends suggests him to buy a 50cc scooter because he buys a 50cc scooter [edited by Moderator] and is also using 50cc scooter. What you say 50cc is best or 125cc?