scooter question

Ive  reccently charged my scooter,but today after a short journey,the power light went to half,could this be 1 battery not charging right,or is it just the cold weather draining the battery

Batteries do suffer in the cold weather - you need to keep your scooter somewhere well protected from cold/wet.

There is usually a date stamp on the batteries - so you can tell how old they are. They do last longer with regular use and recharging. l have had batteries last 11yrs. l think there is a 'gadget' that can tell if they are holding a charge. l did have a charger that had stopped working - once- and this ruined my batteries - l kept thinking l was recharging and l wasn't.


Campion is right. The batts on 'Big Bug' are shot,but I get more mileage by heating the underside of the battery pack with a hair drier for 20 mins before blast off.


If you try it I INSIST you stay with the buggy on the first 'pre-heat' so you are completely satisfied that all is well.


I'm having a whip round for new batts and a bit of a service (after nearly 2,500 road miles I don't begrudge it) 'cos on 1 April guess who will be on the EGG RUN Wirral.





My scooter battery doesnt like the cold weather either, it doesnt hold its charge as normal.  My son has tried draining the battery fully before recharging it, it seemed to work, then went back to like yours.  It wont be running out unless its a very old battery.  If its still got half juice you will be fine.  Obviously going uphill drains the battery yet once back on the level it should go up to nearly full again.  Theyre temprimental at the best of times.  Try charging it in the house if its really cold, mine charges better in warmer temperatures.


Best wishes



ty for all the replies,roll on summer when get more use from it ,and warmer

My scooter has been off the road for a few weeks due to battery problems, luckily I am with motability so get a courtesy one etc!

They have tested for various things including-

The battery gauge being faulty

The scooter motor drawing too much energy from the battery.

Faulty batteries.

They have tried all of the above and still no closer! Sorry this is no help for you but gives you an idea as to what it could be!!!!

Hope you get sorted.



You said tht you recently changed your scooter - are the batteries new?

I read somewhere that it takes a few charges before new batteries get fully charged. Could this be the problem?

I know you mentioned that the lights went out half way through your journey but my powerchair does that - only the other way round. It shows a low charge to start with (even after I've charged overnight) and then after you've rolled along a bit it goes to full.