Mobility scooter battery

Morning Scooter advise needed please. Had my scooter about 2 abd a half years but had minimal use as I preferred my wheelchair. It’s only become recently I’ve been using in to do the school run which takes about 10 mins there and back. I’ve noticed it seems to be struggling with power 5mins into my journey. Do you think that my battery is on its way out due to little use and would you suggest I buy a spare also would I need a new charger or would my charger work for the new one too? Thanks

Hi, so I use a scooter, have done for sometime and I learned how to look after them the hard way. Your battery is properly dying, if your not using it , it needs to be charged on a regular basis, when mines not in use I charge it up at least twice a week, for 24hrs, don’t think that when the light turns green that it’s charged, it isn’t, it needs at least 24hrs and when I do use my mine I charged it for 48hrs, these are the instructions that came with my new scooter, I’ve had it 2yrs now and have no problems at all. When it comes to a new battery don’t buy the whole box, it costs a fortune, if you can’t do it get someone to open it for you, get the size of the battery and order online, much cheaper, just remeber even if your don’t use it it needs charging on a regular basis, hope this makes sense,


Great advice. Just hope I order the right one. The manual says 12v 12Ah battery.Google brings up loads and I don’t kmow where to start or spend a fortune

I keep mine on charge all the time. I do use it everyday for about 45 minutes. When I come back it goes on charge until I next use it.

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I’ve bought one. Coming tomorrow hopefully. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

make sure you charge it up at least twice a week otherwise they just drain themselves. i learnt the expensive way lol. happy scootering. x

After reading this I decided to charge my scooter battery up after at least a year of not using I’m going to test it out later today with my son and Grandchildren so I’ve got someone to get the scooter back to the car if/when it fails on me. I’ll let you all know what happens.

Jan x

Jan I would have charged it for at least 48hrs first, but good luck

Good advice…

I was told 12 hours charge after each use. I used to use an extension cable so I could charge my scooter when it was still in the car. Advised not to so now I have to remove the battery.

Happy scooting.


Change of plan so I’ll have to test the battery another day, will give me longer to recharge it.

Jan x