Mobility scooter battery re-set??

Hi all, I’ve had my scooter about 3 years and notice that the charge doesn’t hold as long as it once did.

I’ve heard about re-setting the battery by keeping it on charge for 24 hours… apparently it makes the battery almost like new again.

I’m a bit worried about doing it though. I keep the scooter in the hall of my very small flat.

Is it safe to leave the battery charging for 24 hours??? (I’m thinking mainly in terms of danger of fire).

Thanks for any info,

Pat x

Yes it’s fine. I do it everyday because I’m too lazy to go down to the Shed to put it on charge in the evening so I do it when I get in after my morning “walk” with the dog.


Hi Pat,it sounds very much to me that your batteries are knackered. The buggy I mean not you.If only we could get new ones.May I humbly suggest that a reputable mobility emporium should be able to fit new ones.Maybe a service would be good if one is due,but £££

However,if you or A N Other are a bit handy then get them off T’internet.Make sure the Wattage,Amp hours etc are the same,and check on the dimensions.It’ll be a cheaper,and probably less mucking about.


Thanks guys. I’ll give it the 24 hour charge (thanks Jane… makes me feel much safer) and see if it helps.

I’m pretty knackered myself Wb!!! But will take your advice if I need new batteries.

Pat x

Well, Pat, it does sound like Wb is dead right - your battery is in terminal decline.

For lead-acid batteries, a good charger will deliver the right voltage at full current, and then drop back to a very low current (equivalent to the self-discharge rate of the battery) normally called a trickle charge.

Some of the more modern batteries (typically those found in lap-tops) can benefit from being totally discharged slowly (play a music CD is an easy way) and then being charged fully. usually, a laptop will have a small charging module that regulates the current as if a trickle charger were in use.

I would be inclined to eye-ball the charger and see if it has a dual-current output - and if it has, give it the 24 hour charge.
Or, put it another way, what have you got to lose?


I agree with Geoff, only one way to find out. If not then check the following link for a replacement ->+Mobility+Scooter+Batteries

Pat, l always put my scooter on charge as soon as l get back from my ‘dog walk’. And l leave it charging until the next day.

But if your batteries are not holding the charge - then it would be wise to replace them. Do check that your charger is working - as l did have this happen to me once. Not only did l have to buy a new one - it also ruined the batteries - and they are huge and very expensive.

Yesterday morning my stair-lift packed up working - half way up the stairs!! l rang our local stairlift chap - and he arrived at 1pm prompt and has got it going again. He has replaced the batteries - but the cause of the batteries not recharging was the tracking cord. l hadn’t noticed the little red light should have been on to show it was all working ok. lt needs a new part - which they will

replace next monday. ln 25yrs, this is the first time my stairlift has broken down. So l consider myself very lucky.

Hope you are back on the road soon.


Hi all and thanks for great tips…

I worked out what the problem was. The green light on the scooter used to stop flashing when the scooter was fully charged. Then for some reason that I don’t understand, it started to flash quicker. I thought that meant it was fully charged and would unplug. Then I figured out (are you still awake?) that if I left the scooter charging for much longer the flashing light would eventually stop flashing and at that point the scooter was fully charged…

In other words I wasn’t charging the scooter fully… please don’t worry if this didn’t make sense… but take my word for it the problem is solved.

Thanks again,

Pat x

Hi Pat,that is a relief for all of us,and good news for you. But,when I’ve seen that happening with chargers and scooters it has meant that the batteries are past their best and will need replacing in the not too distant.I observed that the longer and more ‘flashery’ the lights the less running time with the batteries when each charge cycle was eventually finished

Sorry to be the Harbinger of Doom, but that’s the way it has been for me three times.