charging scooter

Hi, ive just got a second hand scooter and im not sure how far i can go on it - i dont think the battery gage is very accurate, it seems to drop suddenly and then maybe go back up.

Anyway, my question to you is… if you go out, is there anywhere you could charge it up if needs be?


I only take notice of meter when I am stationary. When going up hill it drops considerably. As you won’t know how the battery has been used in the past, it is best to consider you may need to replace it. There are different stories about how best to charge but I am not sure which I believe. I use the charger that came with the scooter that has a traffic light indicator and charge fully after every trip.
If you need to think about charging when out, I would buy a new battery.

I found my scooter battery didn’t keep its charge. I was told its really important to keep it charged, so after every use I reconnect it to the charger. Worth noting a new battery makes a huge difference

I’d start with its age and specification:

  • Do you have the original brochure or data sheet which states battery capacity and expected range?
  • Based on electric cars, they claim that battery capacity will still be around 90% of new after about 8 years. Chances are scooters & chairs will deplete by a similar proportion over time.

Can’t offer any real-life experience except to say that my electric chair has a quoted range of 7km and I never go more than a few hundred metres at a time. It’s in occasional use for me but it must have been 3 or 4 months before I got around to charging it.

Had mine a couple of years. Very intermittent use, but usually for a few miles each time.
Batteries come in two main types.
Lead acid (conventional) cheaper, charge decays between uses, heavier, fewer recycles.
Lithium ion more expensive, hold charge better, lighter, more recycles.

Scooters can take only one type or be switchable between types.
Other people I know with scooters expect to change batteries every few years and factor in buying new batteries when they buy second hand.

If you bought it from a shop they should be able to advice, if you bought privately you may be wise to have it checked over for safety and state of the battery.

Thanks for all the replies