Charging scooter batteries

How often should I charge the batteries?

I go out every day to take the dog for a walk. Sometimes it’s only for half an hour but sometimes for an hour or so. My manual suggests I should charge it every day when I return. But an electrician I know has said this will damage the batteries and that in time a full charge will only give the half hour or so that I usually do.

I’m confused. What do others do?

Sarah x

I do what the manual tells me… every time I use it. X

which scooter do you have? X

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i have a powerchair, not scooter and use it daily.

i was told to charge it every day and once a week leave overnight.

i charge it every as i was told and x3 overnight in a week. never had any issues and had the chair for 4 yrs.


oh and my electrician says the opposite to yours!

maybe they are part time neuro’s?!

who will we believe?!


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That’s what I thought you’d all say.

I have 2 scooters. My small one is an Apex Rapid which is 6 months old and it’s this one I’ve had the problems with. It had got to the stage that I only had to travel about 10 minutes and the display that shows the charge goes right down as does the speed. I could crawl faster than the scooter would go! I complained to where I bought it from and I’m getting some new batteries tomorrow.

I’ve just bought a big 2nd hand 8mph Strider MX4. It’s 10 years old but is like new and has hardly been used. I’m enjoying going at full speed on this!

I leave them on charge all the time as it says in the manuals that they can’t be overcharged and the charger will stop charging when full charge has been reached.

It was just because my electrician friend implied I’d damaged the batteries by doing what I’m doing that I thought I’d ask.

Sarah x

I have an apex rapid batteries are on charge whenever it’s not been used that’s what I was told to do

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