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Hello folks

This is a boring question about my Scooter battery. If the scooter is not used for a while will the charge in the battery remain, I presume that it will dissipate but how long will it last. Or would it be better run it down first.

Cheers David

You have to say what type of battery - they all have different characteristics.

A good basic rule is to charge fully, and then disconnect. You do not know if there is any circuitry still connected when it is switched off.


The Best thing to do is charge it once a week when you are not using it otherwise the battery deteriorates and won’t hold a charge so well. There is a danger, if you let the charge run right down and leave the scooter idle for any length of time, that the battery may not take a charge after that. Happened to my mother twice and cost her £175 each time to replace them.


It was recommended to me to leave it on charge all the time it’s idle mine has wet sealed battery’s.

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When I gave my scooter away after not using it for several months, due to changing to full time wheelie use, we were gob smacked to find it roared into power at the first turn of the key! And it had been stored in an outdoor shed for months through winter!

So the answer is…suck it and see.

Sorry that was facetious!!!


Under no circumstances should anyone suck a battery.


Hot lips mr durer

I think you should run it down. Ensure your motorcycle’s electrical and charging systems are working correctly so that any cost lost during starting or from the running of accessories or lights is replaced. Maintain the battery terminals clean and detach them if possible when the bike is in storage. Most of all, charge the battery using a motorcycle battery charger frequently when the motorbike isn’t being used regularly to keep up a healthy charge in the battery.
Any way it would be better and more safely if you asked specialist. Take care!

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