I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago. I’ve had muscle spasms and severe pain for a long time. I can’t speak properly because of the spasms in my lungs, mouth, face, throat and head. I went to see a doctor yesterday to get Valium for it. When my friend asked the doctor 8f he had seen anything like this and he said only in MS patients. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I googled it. I really regret doing that because I have EVERY symptom. I have been freaking out about it really bad. I’m so scared I’d get worse. I am a single mother to a 14 year old son with an intellectual disability. I have one friend and no family. My life is already so hard due to my many health problems and severe pain. I had an MRI a few years back which was clear. Is it possible I could still have it?

I would go back to the doctor if you are worried. I too have fibro and now MS is being tested. Please try not to worry as many of these illnesses have similar symptoms.