new and have scary things going on

Hi I’m new and I’m 28yrs old
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year due to all over pain fatigue etc i was diagnosed via tick box
over the year ive had some scary incidencts and friends said its more like MS but my drs didnt want to listen…
I saw an optition who though optical nerve looked fine said I have neurological eye problems asked if I ‘only had fm’ I said its all i’ve been diagnosed with but i am wondering about MS and he said ‘yes MS is what I’m thinking of’

Whats brought me to post is actually a very scary episodes ive been having and i kinda wanna know if it could be due to MS I have seen my gp and his reaction was… ‘come back when its permenent’ and ‘just tell the pain clinic when you see them’ I am trying to change gp surprisingly lol

So this is the second incident the first I dont have so much detail so ill just post this one, the incident is one of total temp paralysation

So what happened was I was on my lap top when suddenly my hands just wouldnt move I tried to move them i couldnt, then i tried to move my toes and feet couldnt
then i tried to shout my husband who was the other side of the room busy but i couldnt move my mouth. then i felt very sleepy and my eyes drooped shut and i couldnt open them…

I just stayed there calming myself with breathing waiting for my husband to notice and come and help… eventually he did
He came over and thought i was asleep he then touched me to try and wake me and then he was saying my name over and over and then he said are you okay and i managed to get a ‘m’ sound out of my throat and he ssaid whats wrong i 'm’d again and he said cant you move and i responded m and he then moved me and held me and the movement came back, my eyes were the last thing to open i had to open my eyes with my fingers…

i was weak and stiff afterwards

i went to bed and slept and this morning my back arms legs are agony

I just wondered if it sounds like something which could be caused by MS so then I can just wait and see what the neuro says