Scared - DDA on the line

If this goes through, everyday living will be a lot harder for a lot of us.

i was totally opposed to brexit and when it was the referendum i had to explain myself to people who believed it was the answer to all that was wrong in the uk.

unfortunately the daft buggers got their wish.

one person i know, who entered it to a heated discussion about it with me, has since learned, to her cost, that it was the wrong thing to do. she lost a lot of good employees.

to me the european union safeguarded our human rights.

now we have no buffer between us and the hobnailed boots of our oppressors!

enough anger for now, it’s going to destroy my sense of zen!

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I voted Remain and was absolutely shocked it went the other way.

For me if you don’t understand the issues enough to make an informed decision then surely you vote to stay as we were?! I wish i had been more aggressive in encouraging people to vote and which way.

Just the other day i had a brief discussion with one of my daughters carers who apparently went to vote and wrote across form “not enough info to make informed decision” ie spoiled paper effectively a vote for other side,obviously seen this nonsense on facebook or something i guess and clearly put out by leave lot to mislead fools! Its done now so pointless so i bit my tongue and walked away quick!