Who to trust these days 7 years ago I went to my MP for help on getting ESA he said he will see what he could do then the very next day he had someone drop a note through my door saying there is no help out there for me. Now because of this european election they just had, my husband found a post our MP wrote, which said he’s against helping anybody with a disabilty hmm no shock a true conservative to the end. :frowning:

We really need to get this government out! i urge everyone to use their vote wisely.

I will do for the big election next year for sure.

With reference to the latest European Elections I really am anxious about the mentality of anyone who voted for UKIP.

It should be realised they are a right wing party and if they happen to win any seats in the GE next year it may mean they could join in coalition with the Tories keeping them as the Government?

Alright anyone who voted for them you have protested; a federal Europe is not wanted but I beg you don’t let them hold power.

I’m not Liberal but say what you want Clegg did save a lot of the ravages that could have happened.


I know so little about politics …but one thing I truly believe is …regardless of which Party they represent, all prominent (…and I emphasize the term ‘prominent’) MPs are two-faced, lying, dishonest, untrustworthy b*stards!!!

Yet to encounter an MP worthy of my support, so they can all go hang as far as I’m concerned.

(…as soon as any of 'em get any sort of power, it soon becomes apparent what scum they are and how twisted their priorities are!!)

…Course, this is purely my opinion based on personal experience, and not intended to influence others. (If I wanted to do that, I’d have gone into politics !! )