scared and not sure what to do. please help!!

I have been dealing with odd body symptoms for a long time that I’ve always dismissed as normal. I’ve always had trouble with temperature changes,an out of conto tingling jumpy sensation in my whole body or sometimes certain limbs or body parts that has been dismissed as anxiety even when I’m completley mentally fine with not an anxious thought in the world. Ever since I was little my vision would get super wierd at random times and I would sometimes hear an echo like I’m hearing voices Recently vision has gotten worse and I have an overall muscular pain and weakness. I know I am not nutritionally deficient and I’m fit but been more difficult to work out feeling so weak. It’s almost hard to tell my limbs or body parts to move. The vision is currently really bad. Everything’s either blurred doubled or splotchy. Sometimes one of my sides gets lazy when I walk and it feels like there’s no blood flow. It’s hard to think. I feel like I’m becoming less intelligent but my mind refuses to function. I’ve also been having increasingly bad digestion al issues. Very very bad constipation and nothing seems to digest or agree with me. This has been getting worse for 5 years. Also medications in general tend to have a delayed response, often not hitting me till the next day. This applies to alcohol as well though I haven’t had anyhing to drink for a few years because of that. It’s really scary and maybe this is all something else but I’ve never felt so weak and in pain and confused. This doesn’t feel normal. Do you think it could be ms or something else? I don’t know uf it’s somethig I should push with my doctor


Definitely push it with GP. Make a nice clear list of symptoms and what you are worried about - lists are really important if your mental processing is slowing down.

Could it be MS? I’ve absolutely no idea. Now that my MRI has come back clear, my GP has admitted to me that she really thought I had MS. There are hundreds of diseases that mimic MS. I must admit, I was secretly wishing it was MS, because then at least I would know what it was, and there are things that can be done to help. That probably doesn’t come across as I wanted it to, but I’m just trying to say that MS isn’t necessarily the end of the world.

Take care