Advice needed please.

Hi, hope I’ve posted in the right section. Apologies if not, rubbish phone. I’ve had years of weird symptoms, normal blood tests etc. I know I have anxiety and am having a hideous menopause so it’s hard to know what is going on. Many of my symptoms,are classic Ms,lots of nerve tingling, weird sensations etc but I’ve never dared bring up the name with Gp for fear of being called a hypochondriac. You know the score. I’ve given up with them to be honest, but I’ve been really suffering for years with these bizarre things that nobody believes in. Saw a neurologist who did blood tests and a 2 minute physical exam, then wrote a sarcastic report on the lady who helpfully wrote 2 pages of symptoms! I.can see that.I come across as a time waster, but if he was feeling what I feel, he’d be crying for his mummy. (sorry for sarcasm but I’m putting up with a lot and they aren’t getting it!) This may just be anxiety. I know it can create a lot of symptoms but thing is, that I had a brain scan a couple of years ago and they found small bilateral ischaemic lesions in the frontal lobes. The wording said it could be normal ageing, or demyelination Verdict: needs clinical correlation No action was taken and I’ve been told to ignore the report because “lots of people have white spots in their brain” I’m sat here with what feels like a tight belt round my waist and tender spots on.the ribs as well as allthe other weirdness. Certainly similar to the Ms hug, been going on for days. Do I even bother mentioning this again to anyone? Thanks

Hi Rosie If I were you, I’d think about talking honestly with a sympathetic GP, if there is such a person in your practice. But, I wouldn’t mention that you feel your symptoms are MS. More that you think there could be a neurological problem. I assume you have the report about the brain scan you had which showed lesions, if so, take this with you to the doctor. Explain your symptoms which you think could have a neurological cause and ask for a referral to a neurologist. You may find that it is related to the menopause, or that it’s due to your worry that must have been niggling at you vaguely for years after that brain scan (MRI?). Or there could be a neurological diagnosis, including maybe MS. Until and unless you talk to a GP and get yourself checked out by a neurologist, you will worry. All the best. Sue

As far as I know Rosie, Menopause does not mimic MS. Menopause is hormonal, not ‘triggered’ symptoms. I can not comment on your resulting Neuro appointment. These symptoms could be a number of things.You mention away. Drs don’t know everything, keep at them, you deserve more of an explanation xx

Thanks, I’ve been ill for over 20 years,.initial diagnosis was M.E,.but I’ve.never seen anyone about it since then,.20 years ago, because they try to.force antidepressants one and I won’t take them. Then came the anxiety. But the tingling has been a few years and seems to start weirdly up.the left nostril,.go down the left side of the body and kind of through the pelvis. Also have an altered sense of smell. Sometimes nothing and sometimes heightened parts of smells. It’s so strong I can hardly function. I can only work sporadically & was refused Pip. I get no benefits I still have extreme fatigue I Hurt all over like I’ve been beaten up! I’ve just moved so have a new Gp. My last one was quite horrible to me so I think it’s put me off. I’ve been through some horrendous times with quite severe symptoms where I thought I just couldn’t take it any more and I’ve come through it but it would be nice to have the support of a Gp. Here’s hoping…