Any advice appreciated. X

It started about a year ago when I first went to my GP with numerous symptoms including fatigue, exhaustion, sweats, breathlessness, blurred vision, and general aches and pains. At first I thought it could be early menopause (I was 34 at the time) but numerous blood tests have confirmed its not that or coeliac which I was also tested for as I had low vitamin levels too. I’ve had 4 blood tests including fasting ones which have come back clear. I had a few tummy problems which have been due to endometriosis, fibroids and a cyst. Which is now being sorted. However I really still don’t feel right I have had three separate occasions a few weeks apart where I have had to spend the whole day in bed and I mean HAD to. I woke up feeling completely exhausted, unstable and kind of woozy and but i seemed a little better after spending about 36 hours in bed which im sure is not normal unless something is not quite right. I have more or less permanant constipation no matter what i eat and a very weak bladder. Also as silly as it sounds i have got terrible twitches that are driving me nuts. Particularly one in my top lip. (Bit like doing an elvis impression) I have got an appointment to see an optician next week as I’ve got constant what I can only describe as translucent blobs in a film-like coating over my eyes. I do get a throbbing headache from time to time which usually goes after a few hours and i sometimes get a bit dizzy and have walked into things too, not because i cant See them but because my perception of the distance or space between me and the object is distorted. I’m just wondering if I should go back to the doctors to see if he will investigate further as he has written everything off as my gynae problems. I have only come here as my friend who has MS said these are all things similar to what she experienced before her diagnosis. I’m not a hypochondriac and this is the first time I have ever really had anything wrong with me so I know it’s not in my head or down to stress or any suchlike. I’m just wondering if anyone thinks my friend could be right and I should get my GP to check again maybe with this in mind? Thanks ahead for any advice anyone can offer me. Rachael.

Also I have almost constant back and neck ache. Not pain just ache. And my neck seems to crack a lot too.

Hello Rachael, Sorry you are having these problems. I won’t be as much help as others but I didn’t want to read and run. If you are still struggling as much as you describe after seeing your GP and other tests done are coming back clear, then there is no harm in seeing your GP again. It would be the sensible option as you clearly don’t feel well. A word of caution, do not mention or suggest MS. GPs will immediately think, anxiety, stress etc. they don’t like self diagnosis. I had my suspicions but I never ever said MS. The first person to mention it was my GP. You are doing the right thing getting your eyes checked out as that is what I did but they couldn’t find anything. I should have got a referral to the Hospital but that is hindsight. If they do find something however, it would be a good way to start a further appointment with your GP. You could ask if there are other tests you could have etc. Make a short list of your most troublesome symptoms and look for patterns, I.e. how long does a symptom last, do you recover, are you left with any residual problems or is recovery complete. Let the symptoms do the talking and hopefully your GP will refer you to get the appropriate tests done. It worked for me after years of struggling to be heard. Good luck and best wishes Sam x

Hi Rachael

I also don’t like to read and run and from having posted requests for advice know that all replies are welcomed. I’m with Sam on this one. Make a list, really useful, see the optician but also see your GP, Sam was spot on though when she said not to mention MS as you may get fobbed off with anxiety.

Hope things improve for you.

Min xx

Hi Rachel, and welcome :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, neurology is complicated by the fact that literally hundreds of conditions share very similar symptoms, so although your symptoms are found in MS, they may be being caused by something completely different. The good news is that some potential causes are fairly easy to treat and/or manage, so a thorough battery of blood tests may reveal something fixable.

If your GP isn’t looking past your gynae problems, then try making a list as the others have suggested and asking him/her outright how to explain x, y and z. Then ask for a complete MOT (including blood tests for the more obscure vitamins and minerals - anything that might be related) and a referral to ophthalmology as a first step. There are walk in ophthalmology clinics around the country so you should be able to do that very quickly (you do need a referral letter though, even though they are walk in clinics). If they confirm a neurological cause, your GP cannot blame your gynae history and will have to refer you to neurology.

Better tell the receptionist that you have a lot to discuss with the GP so he/she gives you a longer appointment.

Good luck.

Karen x

Thank you all so much. I will start taking notes and dates etc and I was in two minds myself about mentioning MS to the GP. I might leave it till after opticians next week in case I have anything to add. I’ve not been to an optician since I was about 15 and I’ve never needed glasses either. Like you say these symptoms could be any number of things so I will keep an open mind and see what happens. Thank you all again for your replies, much appreciated as I’m feeling quite crappy at the moment with all this. X