Reaching out.. awaiting neuro app.. scared

Hi, I just wanted to reach out as I am feeling in a black hole with all I have been experiencing just this last week…
I began having a pulling feeling around one eye a couple weeks ago, I put it down to anxiety or eye strain… but then I started getting weak feeling legs (again shrugged off as I know anxiety symptoms well!) but then I started getting off balance, weird coordination problems and very weak feeling shaky arms and legs/fingers.
I ended up at a and e last night as it has all felt so wrong and scared me so much… ct scan clear but being fast tracked to a neuro hopefully within a week.
The worst has probably been insane rigors at night and an unbearable almost adrenaline feeling in my legs (and arms today) Lots of twitching and jerks at night. No appetite/hard to eat/nausea… I just cant believe how much this has progressed in a week - is that even possible!?
Also I have been getting a very stiff tense feeling neck which twice this week has turned into a strong pressure back of neck/headache. Now I am javing indescribable weird feelings in my face and am just trying to
I feel so unwell but dont know what to do. Does this sound like it may fit ms?
Many thanks so much to anyone who reads.