scared and confused dont know what to do

Hi everybody, hope everybody well. Im not too good at moment.

Im currently engaged to what i felt was a wonderful man. We have been together for 6 yrs apart from aapprox 6 months  he needed to sort his head out. this must have meant go have s*x with someone else, which lasted a few months, she totaly screwwed with his head. Anyway cut a long story short, he saw the error of his ways and I forgave him and we got back together. Xmas Day last year he proposed, it was totaly unexpected, so unexpected I was  trying to call it a day on xmas eve (drink fuelled evening) and i'd had a bowel accident, and thort i cant do this to him anymore....

I still love him...I think...but I'm not sure that is enough. I am still very hurt by what he did.

So what are my options, go back to my house, have no one there for company or to take care of me when i'm having a bad time with MS, he's been there since before dx in 2006.

Or just go along the way we are going, but is that fair ...on him !!!

:-(    Karen

So, MS aside, do you want to be with him for the rest of your life even though the day before he proposed, you were going to finish with him?  If he has proposed, he wants you, regardless of what may be wrong with you.  All you have to decide is whether you want him or not.  Think you need to do some serious looking at why you're together and take it from there.

Hope you get your head sorted soon,

Luisa x

From a guys point of view. If some woman who I was going out with did that with me it would be over regardless.

Did he practice safe sex? Little time bomb brewing? 6 years of investment in a relationship and if someone needs a little time out to play the field then something is wrong.

Maybe the person he bonked dumped him?

I think you  have your own doubtswhich is why you posted here, life is easier and kinda with black or white and accept no grey.

Its not the end of the road and I hope you find someone who truly respects you.

Hi Karen,

A really difficult issue and the only thing I would say is you have to 100% consider what is best for you and not what is fair on him. It sounds to me that you know what you want to do. 

MS aside remember you deserve to be happy so do what in the long run will make you happiest.

Take care.

G :-)

thanks for all the comments, it just makes me see how much i do love him and want to be with him, but not until ive done some further soul searching. i know what his excuses were, my oldest son, yes he was a knightmare, i could't even have him living with me, he had to go to his dad's but he's grown up a bit, he's 20 now and is a very big part of my life. I do want us to be ok, i think putting this on here has made me see what has to be done... thank you x