Scanner Guard cards

Does anyone have any real knowledge of these and do they protect your contactless cards?

Thank you, Noreen x

Well, these may be a solution to what may be a problem.

They are intended to stop thieves sucking data of your RFID credit cards. RFID? Wha Dat? These are the cards that you can wave over a scanner in the shop, instead of having to insert the card and then tap in a pin. In theory, the villains can read these at a distance, and take all your identity.

The reality is that:
! - Scanner Guards do work,
2 - Most people in the UK don’t have that sort of card.
3 - If you have more than one RFID card in your wallet - there is a technical problem in sorting out which signal comes from which card (sorry villain).

You can Google Scanner Guard and Signal Vault - you will see that there is a potential problem, and the “Lets jump on the bandwagon” boys have wasted no time in getting products out into the marketplace to deal with it. Do you need this product? I do not know how many people in the UK have this sort of card, but in the Geoff wallet, only the AMEX card has the symbol that says it will work that way. I am old-fashioned, and I stick to typing my pin into the card machine. How long I can continue to do this is anyone’s guess.

The whole thing could be a reaction to the changing pattern of card payments in the US - from “type in your pin” to “sign here” to swipe your card.
I, for one, will not be buying any just yet.


Thank you for that info Geoff. I have bought a pair for me and my husband, from a trusted site. Apparently you need two to create a halo effect.

We do have contactless debit cards, the ones with a wireless symbol on. We had no choice in the matter and most cards will be switching to this facility. Apparently it applies to oyster cards, some passports.

I think I will just play it safe.


My DIL, who is a bank manager said… Refuse to have contactless cards. She also said they can’t force you to have them

I phoned our bank and told them to send us new cards.

As Geoff said… Keeps two cards together so the scammers equiptment can’t read your cards.

Also I read lining your wallet with foil does the same job as the card guard… How true it is I don’t know.

Thanks Tilly. I don’t actually mind contactless cards, my husband does :slight_smile: just wanted to know about the scanner guard card and if they work :slight_smile: PS; I’ve told my husband hecan swap his card-that pleases him :wink: