Scan and ms nurse today

Hi all well I had my MRI scan today with dye and was supposed to have ms nurse tomorrow. Both appointments are over an hour away but I phoned ms nurse and she fitted me in today so I’d have less travelling Had the ms nurse first just had a general chat and she asked my feeling on tysabri and Gilenya and explained how they work both at my hospital took some blood and that was that. Have to go back in 3 months. Then had a quick dash to MRI to be told to get a coffee they had an emergency from intensive care in. Which I thought was polite of them. So went back and got taken straight away. Was in almost an hour. I explained to the lady I fidget and apologise before the MRI. She was lovely much nice group than last time I tried my best and got told only once not to move my feet. No sitting with a Mcdonald not healthy and it’s not even good. The chocolate milkshake was so going to get a coffee for the drive home. So now just to wait for the results Em x

Busy day there chick ! Well done you for keeping still, I twitch all over the place and get told off a lot lol Krissy x

Thanks I spilled the bloomin coffee over my car just the way to finish the day. I’m now trying to remove my dog from my bed he’s quite happy. A superking and I’m still fighting for room x

Opps ! On the plus side you still sound very mobile so that’s a big plus. I used to have a staffy who snored down my ear every night and I used to think it was the ex hubby till I ditched him and it continued ha ha Krissy x

Em I’m waiting for my date to start tysabri, I’ve agreed to it as have spoken to some great people on it with fantastic results, pm me if you want the name of the forum if you haven’t got it already. And as for snoring dogs…well you wanna live with a English bulldog… I’m glad you got everything done yesterday Gray x