Scalded skin sensation around thigh

Hi, this is a new experience, in as much that I have had it over the skin on my arms but not juts on one thigh, it feels like I have scalded my skin, it is so painful to touch. Even, the material of my trousers touching my skin hurts, if I rub my fingers against the skin it hurts. I have had a bad weekend with my legs, spasms and buzzing from hip to toe and now this. This comes on the back of being off my legs all weekend due to spasms, I wonder if it is an after effect of that. Does this sound familair to any Lou x

Hi loulou, I can’t sat I feel like I have scalded my skin more like warm liquid is being poured over it. However I am newly diagnosed so I am sure you will get replies from people with more experience. Regards, Ann

Hi Lou.

I have RRMS and have had something called allodynia before. It was a senstive area on my leg, I had an ear infection at the time and this leg sensitivity lasted for 3 to 4 weeks. It felt like a sticker stuck on the leg and I couldn’t have clothing touching it as it was super sensitive. I had to wear shorts at home. If you google ‘allodynia’ it might give you some info on it. it may be what you are describing. xx

Hi Helebon. I have just read that. It describes exactly the pain, I didn’t know how to express it. I have been awake all night with it, I couldn’t have the quilt touching me. I have managed a sheet but even that hurt. I had shingles a couple of years ago and the pain was similar. I have not even been able to rest one leg on the other, without it causing horrifuc pain. I wondering what I do next, the pain is still just around one thigh. Interestingly, my left side of my whole body is not workign properly. Lou x

This may seem a silly question but have you tried painkillers. I remember on one relapse getting awful pulsing pain in a spot behind my ear and ibuprofen shifted it. Had to take the ibuprofen for a good few weeks but better than the pain. Having said that painkillers do nothing for the sensations I get in my arms but I assume a different kind of thing. Best wishes Jan

I didn’t take anything other than a few paracetamol. I can’t remember if that worked for it. I just rode through it and it gradually went. May be you have an infection currently of some type. Do you have an MS nurse you could email/ ask what may help it? xx

Yes, and with me it is definitely MS. I have had relapses that have included areas feeling as if they are badly sunburned and acutely sensitive to touch - particularly light touch, like clothing. Sensation tends to be generally a bit muddled in those areas too. I have been left with a few patches that are now permanently like that, and I have to choose clothes and jewellery with them in mind. There are other patches that come and go when I am hot and tired.


Yep, and what alison100 said rang true for me too. I have a patch on my right arm that feels prickly and hot. It’s worse when I’m hot or in the sun and tired. It’s an odd feeling and I get where you’re coming from. Hugs Hun xxx

HI, thanks for all the interesting comments. I am so tired now, I didn’t sleep all night with it. The sensation is not quite so bad at the minute but it is wrapped totally around my thigh from knee to hip. Yet another symptom to an ever growing list. Lou x

Hi Lou, yep I have had the nightmare burning legs for over 6 months trying different medication. Gabapentin was good at first then it stopped working so now on pregabalin which also was not to good so my neuro has recently suggested tegretol. Which is finally working. Not good to have to take the medication but the burning was a nightmare and so painful. Would suggest speaking with your gp who may be able to suggest treatments. It’s really what works for you and I have found its trials error. Hope you get some relief . Best wishes Jason.

Hi Lou You may find that this type of neuropathic pain doesn’t continue. So fingers crossed it will stop. Also I don’t know whether you are heat intolerant but I have certainly found the weather humid and too warm in recent days. It can be very distressing and doesn’t respond to over the counter meds. Amitriptyline is often prescibed first because it can be beneficial, even starting at a low dose of 10mg, also, it is inexpensive!! There are several other more costly drugs that can be effective, gabapentine, Pregabalin, etc.’s a question of finding the right one for you. Your GP Or MS nurse should be helpful in prescribing and if you aren’t under a pain clinic, your Neuro. Until you get a response from healthcare practitioner my advice would be to purchase some gel ice packs ( I prefer the ones at Boots) which come with covers. You freeze them and in my experience they provide some relief. They are about £6 each but they can be reused. It does require you to put in contact with your skin but they really are a life saver for me. You can get a frame to lift the covers off your legs in bed too. You may be able to get one through your GPs surgery and you can definitely buy them online. I do hope you get some relief and remember this symptom may well be transitory. Susi