Sunburnt back sensation

Hi. I have had a sunburnt back sensation for the last few days. I’m not sure it feels like burning, it feels more like sensitive as if it was sunburnt. It comes on worse in the evenings and is gone by the morning. I have my nero followup on 2nd Dec, so bit of a wait. I also emailed a neuro-nurse to see what she thinks.

Is this a common symptom?


Hi yes I have experienced this as a symptom, in fact it was the first ‘ms’ symptom I had. It was horrid, so I feel for you. …hope it passed for you soon, do mention it to your neuro. Take care.

Hi, i have a similar thing from time to time, where my skin feels really sensative, even to the fell of fabric. It tends to happen on my arms and legs and lasts for a few hours a time. It feels a bit like when you have full on flu and you get that horriblee sore skin/goose bumpy feeling in your skin. in fact the first few times it happened i actually thought I had caught 24 hour flu or something and took myself off to bed. I’ve kind of got used to it now but when it happens I do tend to feel a lot more tired than usual and generally a bit rough. It’s never ocurred to me that it could be linked to all the other symptoms so it’s interesting to here others experience this too.

Hi Helebon,

I used to get this on the tops of my thighs when I went to bed (was always checking that the electric blanket wasn’t on) so you’re not alone.


I occasionally feel that on my left cheek where previously I’d had an episode of tingling and slight numbness. I’m still waiting for a diagnosis, by the way.