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Saying hello...

Hi. I’m a new member here, but I’ve been diagnosed with MS for around 20 years.
I’m mostly quite well, but this Christmas my metal health has taken a bit of a nose dive.
I think talking to others with MS could only help… So hello everyone x


Hello Artist and welcome to our friendly bunch of MSers. We’ve all got different stories to share so tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll see what we’ve got in common (other than MS!!)


Hi Artist.
Welcome to the gang!
My MS has lived with me (totally uninvited but gatecrashed) for 23 years and I still dont like it!

Sorry about your mental health being battered…been there too chuck. Hang about and we’ll try to help.

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Sorry about your diagnosis. I’ve had MS for over 30 years.
Glad you’ve decided to join us.

This past year has been very challenging for everyone. Having a medical condition makes life even tougher.

We’re here to listen and support.
Take care.


Hi Moirah, thank you for your response.
I’m a freelance artist. I work mostly from my studio at home as this allows me to ‘work around’ my tough days.
I guess I’m quite stoic about my MS, I do struggle with nerve pain but since working for myself my fatigue is better managed.
I have been feeling very sad and overwhelmed for around a month now. I have no real idea why, other than we are living through this awful pandemic.
I think it might help me to talk to others who understand how MS and pain affects our mood.

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Hi again.
Could be time of year…pandemic…cold…all added together.
nights are getting lighter chuck.

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Dear Artist

I understand your message. My story has been something similar and I do feel for you. I have hung on for some years with ups and downs and creating a new environment for myself re work and daily life. I wish you strength and good fortune.


Thank you all for your replies :heart:
I’m finding even replying tough right now, but I appreciate everyone comment you leave.
I’m thinking I need to talk to my doctor. If I can that is! X

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