Savitex to be offered to MS patients in Wales

Just read on BBC website Savitex to be used for MS patients in wales

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We should all move to Wales.

Pat xx

Good idea Pat …I’ll grab me coat. Lol

Pam x

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Hopefully it will soon follow here! We live near the border…so frustrating!

Nina x

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This was actually mentioned on the radio this morning, with a contribution from a PPMS-er who (like all of us) would like to be allowed to try it.

Can I be the first to say it? Here goes…

"I can’t get no

Sativex action"

I’ll get my coat…


This is good news - l have been using Sativex for 4yrs. GP gave me a ‘private prescription’ the first year - then it became available for MS use - and l now get it on repeat prescription ‘free’.

For anyone still trying to get their GP’s to prescribe - this news about Wales will strengthen the cause.

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My Doctor is back off holiday next week MAYBE I WILL RING HER or there again maybe not what do you recon???

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Give it a go Don …make the call, if you don’t ask, you won’t know.

Pam x

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Whilst I have SPMS not PPMS, I live in Wales and this is the drug which would suit me best.

When the news broke, I was over the moon for those in Wales and disappointed for those who live over the border from me because there really shouldn’t be any disparity in services across the UK as a whole. To me this is what the #treatmeright campaign is fighting for.

However, cynical to the end I wonder if any of he Health Boards here in Wales will agree to fund it, let alone the GP practices.

My twopennorth…