Hello. Is anyone here being prescribed Sativex on the NHS?

My GP sent me to a pain clinic on the 2nd Sept. The consultant asked if I would be willing to try Sativex. I’ve been told my MS is now secondary progressive and I’ve had just about every other medicine over the years! He wrote to my GP saying the Sativex would be prescribed under ‘shared care’. My GP confirmed to me that she’s willing to do this and has written to the consultant twice now. I’m still waiting, just nothing’s happening.

I feel like I’ve been dangled a carrot and it’s been well and truly thrown away!

hi chub

why dont you see your gp and see if she can chase it up for you.

the delay seems to be at the neuro end (surprise?)

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole

she has done and she’s not getting anything back from the consultant! Written two letters and made phone calls.

i just wondered if anyone else had waited so long after being offered it. Even thought about asking for a private prescription, then I saw the price! I read a couple of articles last week about NICE not allowing/recommending Sativex being available on the NHS and wondering if that is slowing it down.

thanks for you reply

Catherine x

Is it for spasms and spacticity in your case and have you tried all the usual meds like baclofen etc to no avail?

Did the consultant not refer you to a spasm clinic? Was wondering if they can push it on?


Hi Catherine - I’d phone the consultant myself - have you tried that? You don’t usually get to speak to them but you can leave a message with their secretary, or try your ms nurse, if you have one.

They should offer sativex to more people with ms. Not only does evidence show that it can help with depression, pain, stiffness, and spasticity, there is also growing evidence it can provide treatment for the disease process itself i.e. slowing progression or stopping it.

I hope you get it soon and that you find it beneficial.