I have created a petition to make Sativex widely available through NHS in England

Before my petition can be go live on I need 4 more people to support my petition.

please click on this link to support my petition

My petition:

Sativex to be Widely Available for MS Suffers

This petition is to ask the goverment to make Sativex widely available to people who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to ease the symptoms of MS spasticity, spasticity can have a significant impact on daily activities. The NHS in Wales is first in the UK to fund a cannabis-based medicine for people with multiple sclerosis.

I’ve signed it, Sativex, so you’re 25% more of the way there

Signed. But the link said 5 more signatories were needed!

Thank you x

Awesome, thank you!

I hope the email system is working as I’ve only received one email from them so for which says I have 1 supporter. I’ve asked my family to sign the petition, but they didn’t receive a confirmation email, maybe because we live in the same address? Hopefully we get 5 signatures and they publish the petition.

I have signed too, and it still say 5 more signatures required!

Signed…still says 5 people needed?

Done, you need a little more publicity when it gets off the ground. Need 100k signatures!

Hi, sadly I live in France can’t sign but hope you get loads of people to sign,Sativex should be available to everyone with ms.

I’ve signed so you should be nearly there. Facebook campaign needed then to get enough signature x

I went to the link to contribute my support, but it stated that FIVE were already supporting the cause.

The bloody best of luck to you and the petition!!!

Do not hesitate to let us know if any further assistance can be given!

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As someone who does get her Sativex on nhs prescription - And would not be without it. Taken it for about 5yrs. l would like to support this.

The last New Pathways magazine - MS-UK - there were about 10 pages - including the front cover all about cannabis. They have always supported the use of cannabis for MS.

l know the Welsh Health Minister was trying to get cannabis de-criminalised.

I would like to thank you all for your like, the petition was published today, please share this link with friends and family

Once again, thank you very much xx

i signed the petition and have shared via several modes of social media.

good luck!

Signed and shared

I currently get Sativex on the NHS through my GP - but tried it privately first, then asked my Consultant for it through an Individual Patient Treatment Request (Scotland), which I was granted. I received my first NHS prescription through the hospital, then my GP took it on. It was a bit of a carry on but well worth it.

I’ve signed your petition and shared.

Good Luck!

Thank you Allah, for signing and sharing the petition xxx

Thank you all, we have 600 signatures now, please keep sharing this petition, please sign the petition if you haven’t yet signed it. You can join me on Twitter @TheArtOfNeeti

Signed. Thanks.

Shazzie x

Thank you soo much x