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i could have told them that years ago! Also reinforces access to Sativex petition

Couldn’t understand it but if it means Savitex works bring it on

I think it means sativex and the real McCoy work ( they certainly do for me) but getting hold of sativex is like trying to win the lottery!

Nina x

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Seems conclusive to me. I find I also get more sensation back in my feet too.

what I don’t understand, there are approx 100k with MS in the UK, so why are there less than 1k signatures for the Sativex petition.?

Sign here:



Just signed Kev… thanks for the link.

Before MS I used to like to smoke the Real McCoy… but now I don’t like it. Makes me feel even weirder than I feel anyway.

Trust me to do it all back to front!

Pat xx

I had a few years smoking jazz cigarettes as a student in the early seventies. Certainly wouldn’t want either the full effect now, or to smoke at all.

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The Canbex trial is currently recruiting those with spasticity problems and is in tablet form.


Thanks for the link Kev. I’m sure I’ve signed before but have just done it again.

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To be honest, the MaryJane that is available these days is not comparable with the stuff from the 70s and 80s.

The cannabis plants grown in this country now (and most available in the UK these days is produced here) from plants that have been bred to be stronger and stronger with significantly more of the active ingredients than were present in the “good old days” of a bit of Moroccan Black or Red Leb (forms of cannabis resin) or a home produced “pot plant” grown from sowing budgie seed (no, I am not joking about that, it was the common thing back in the 70s!).

“Skunk” and its derivatives which came in in the 90s and has completely taken over the cannabis market now is a VERY different drug to what people would consume in the 70s and 80s. The level of cannabanoids present now is off the scale in comparison - yes, it gets people higher faster but its effects are much, much worse. “Ganja psychosis” is not a myth - it is a very real mental health issue and cannabis dependency is a VERY VERY real problem. (Note that I don’t use the word “addiction” which has very specific physical meanings but there is a very real problem with mental/attitudinal dependency because of heavy users’ need for it.)

And before anyone asks me - no, I am not a pot head - I have just spent most of the last 25 years working in the Criminal Justice system as a lawyer and I can assure you that it is NOT the same drug as it was when a lot of us were at college. I can also say that the social and personal effects of the street drug are far, far, FAR worse than they used to be.

Back in the day, the Police used to joke that they would quite happily have cannabis legalised and alcohol banned because no-one on cannabis was aggressive enough to get into a fight or commit crimes (other than stealing chocolate from the all night garage). That is not the case now - a major reason for serious acquisitive crime and violence is dependency on cannabis with the mood swings and paranoia it can cause and the need for users to buy more.

The Police now joke that if Grange Hill was running its “Just Say No” storyline now Zammo would be on skunk rather than Heroin - with exactly the same effect on his behaviour.

That is why, if I did need the theraputic effects of cannabis and its derivatives, I would happily take Sativex (or similar) but - even if it was legalised tomorrow - I wouldn’t be lighting up a larger juicy joint.

I have signed the petition though. I am lucky because I live in Wales and so Sativex would be available to me on the NHS and I think that it is outrageous that it is denied to people in other parts of the UK.


Very interesting Boblatina. Glad I gave it up!

Such a shame it changed as it used to be such a harmless drug… giggling and munchies is what I remember.

Thanks for such an informative post.

Pat xx

Please be aware that for us not able to get Sativex, not all seed available in the uk is skunk. You can get exactly the same medical strains which are legally available elsewhere, including pharmacies. You can also get the same strain used in Sativex.

not everyone condoning the use of a class B either smokes or is off their tree. You will find many physicians, especially neuros who will quietly approve of self medication.


It is still possible to buy medical grade seeds and weed.

Both my neuro and my Gp have recommended it. Although my neuro did tell me that he never recommends it to anyone under the age of thirty.


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Mine too!

the big pharmaceutical companies won’t be happy.

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