Meeting with MP re Sativex

Hey all Have just literally managed to get back online finally. I had interesting meeting with my MP yesterday as I wanted to talk about Sativex and the post code lottery and the severe lack of funding for it. Much to my surprise he is an avid proponent of Sativex as he is a typical MP who believes that cannabis brings ills on the world. He actually supports the use of Sativex for people with MS and I got the impression he is quite keen to see it trialled for other things. According today’s papers a trial is being started for pain relief in cancer patient once all else has failed. I saw me MS neuro a few weeks and spoke to him about it, He said that his hands were tied as the PCT’s ain’t funding, no way sireeeee! I do know that NICE have delayed the review of Sativex until they have the NICE guidelines in the diagnosis and primary/secondary care of MS patients. There MAY be a possibility that it could be out into the guidelines that Sativex can be used as drug of last resort if peope have responded to other spasticity medication. If this doesn’t happen then it is likely that NICE will have to make a ruling, and as we know they tend to err on the side of caution, so will get it approval, I await with bated bref, NOT! Andy

I get Satevex on my prescription but only because I was part of the trial and I have a great GP and MS team. I do feel very privileged because it does help me so much but also feel little ashamed that I get a medication that does so good, that is not available to everybody. Anything that has a track record should be available to all of us, regardless of post code or symptom. Thanks for doing what you have done as my MP, when I asked, did not have the time. Criminalising many people because they can not get something that is now available legally is wrong. And NICE should always remember that. Strudders.