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I am trying to access Sativex (live in Scotland), but it is proving to be very difficult. How does everyone else find it, and just how well does it work for you?

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Tried it a few years ago. Didn’t help me. It’s not available on NHS (Glasgow). You will need a private script. Most chemists can supply, however I think BUPA Home Healthcare will be cheapest.

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I`ve been doing a bit of digging re Sativex - and I sent away a Freedom of Information Request to all the NHS Trusts in Scotland asking if they prescribe Sativex. They have all replied, and only one NHS Trust is saying that it doesn’t (up north - Lewis).

It would appear that most are prescribed by GPs, not the hospitals right enough.


l use Sativex - and my GP prescribes it. And yes it does work. Neuro is all for it too. You need to have tried [and failed] with Baclofen and Tizanidine before being able to try Sativex. Well thats the criteria l was told.

Meant to add that l have been using it for about 4yrs.

Thanks spacejacket, much appreciated! FB

Just a thought (I’ve been told I’m not ready for it yet!) but isn’t Nabilone licensed for MS in Scotland? It’s man-made so lots cheaper. I gert prescribed thart but by a consultant and I have to collect from the hospital… Sonia x

Hi nindancer, haven’t heard aboit this one, will check it out - many thanks! FB

Missylala Do Scottish NHS trusts prescribe Sativex on the NHS, ie no charge ? Johnh

Hi johnh As far as I am aware it is prescribed by all NHS Trusts bar one, which must mean there is no charge.



were abouts i scotland are you? I was going to go down this route but the side effects ment it wasnt an opion. The drug company that produces it will provide a months supply free of charge if you get the go ahead from your MS nurse/neurologist

I live just outside glasgow if you wish more info private message me


Hi Trish That’s interesting - thank you! I shall PM you later, have an appt this morning. FB


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My wife is anti drugs unless it comes from a pharmacy. So I am going to ask my GP for private script for Sativex [edited]. I’m sick of pain and keep OD on my meds (get a good sleep though)

Anyone ideas on prices for private script Sativex. [edited]

​thanks Greyowl

Hi Greyowl I’m in Scotland, and I paid £412 for 3 x 10ml Vials of Sativex from Dickson Chemist, Ruthergle, Glasgow. I’m not sure how it works in England, but given that NICE now don’t recommend Sativex, I’m not sure if your GP would give you even a private prescription. My GP wouldn’t give me a private prescription - still too wary of the whole cannabis vibe. My GP can only prescribe it if he’s given the OK from my Consultant - and after trying it privately (and it worked), I asked my Consultant for it. He is now reluctantly putting in a funding application for Sativex, and if that is successful my GP can prescribe. I got my private prescription from a Private Doctor in Glasgow. You can also go through e-med - worth having a look at online. Hope this makes sense and is of some use! FB

Quote - MS-UK issue a magazine called New Pathways - always full of interesting facts for people with MS. lssue 87 October. Welsh Health minister Mark Drakedford has agreed to make Sativex available on the Welsh NHS - after the drug was recommended by the independent All Wales Medicines Strategy Groupe AWMSG. Professor Drakeford said: Following the appraisal of Sativex by the AWMSG l am pleased to announce we will be making the medicine available on the Welsh NHS to those who need it. l hope this decision will help ease the suffering of some of those who have to live with the reality of MS everyday.

My GP has been prescribing Sativex for me on the NHS for 4yrs. l live in Warwickshire.

I think if you’ve been prescribed Sativex prior to the NICE guidelines in October, your ongoing prescription is unaffected and is safe. Great decision by the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group!

Bayer have not submitted Sativex to the SMC yet, but plan to do so, so as yet it is still difficult to get, but it can be done with a bit of perseverence and determination.

Sativex is not just for MS symptoms of pain/muscle spasms etc. lt is also a better treatment then morphine or ketamin for pain as it does not dull the senses or knock you out.

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